Pol Position: It’s Gallagher in Greenpoint!

Meanwhile in another race that is of interest, in Greenpoint, incumbent Assembly member Emily Gallagher, who some of you remember as a weekly columnist to our Greenpoint Star newspaper, is getting a serious challenge from upstart Anathea Simpkins, who is running on the issue of blocking a McGuinness Blvd. redesign, which Gallagher is pushing. Gallagher supports a plan to cut down the number of lanes for cars in favor of bicycles. It is a main source of debate in that community and we have seen single issues like this determine an election. It’s likely in a primary election, typically with fewer voters, will bring hundreds, if not thousands of voters for Simpkins. It’s also quite possible (and we feel confident in this) that there is a silent majority in favor of slowing traffic on the boulevard and they will come out to vote for Gallagher. After all, the boulevard is predominantly a shortcut from LIC to downtown Brooklyn, used to avoid the BQE. Most communities will do anything to get rid of cars using their road as a shortcut. If it’s not shorter, they will just find another route.

While the NY Post has been relentlessly bashing Gallagher because she more liberal than they can handle, we have watched Gallagher pretty closely and find her to be reasonable. We look for a legislator to be accessible, protective of the community and understanding of both sides of an issue, while not just looking for the next higher political seat (because wanting something higher gets in the way of protecting constituents). This McGuinness Blvd. issue is volatile and will lead to more voters coming out in the primary. We think Gallagher is doing a nice job and we throw our support her way.

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