From NYPD to Assemblyman Candidate, Meet Kenneth Paek

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Kenneth Paek, an experienced NYPD veteran, seeks to become Assemblyman in District 25, focusing on public safety, economic reform, and education.



Kenneth Paek, a seasoned NYPD veteran with a distinguished career spanning precinct duty to specialized units, is now vying for the position of Assemblyman in District 25. His candidacy is defined by a commitment to public safety, economic reform, and educational improvement, rooted in his deep-seated passion for community service and his extensive experience in law enforcement. Paek is one of the candidates seeking to challenge current Assemblywoman Nily Rozic.

Kenneth and his wife, Eun Paek have been married for 20 years and reside in Oakland Gardens, with their children, Katelyn and Brenden. Their personal experiences navigating the challenges of raising a family in New York City inform Paek’s policies aimed at improving community life and securing a brighter future for all residents.

Paek’s journey in law enforcement began in the 5th Precinct and evolved through roles in high-stakes units like the Emergency Services Unit, where he handled complex cases including incidents involving weapons of mass destruction. Paek’s career spans over two decades in the New York City Police Department, where he went on to serve as a Public Safety Sergeant at the 109th Precinct.

Motivated by a lifelong aspiration to serve and protect, Paek entered law enforcement to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. His decision to run for Assemblyman stems from a desire to continue his public service in a broader capacity, advocating for policies that prioritize safety and empower local law enforcement agencies.

Central to Paek’s campaign is his critique of recent bail reforms, which he believes jeopardize public safety by swiftly releasing potentially dangerous offenders back into communities. This stance resonates deeply with constituents concerned about crime rates and community security, despite the challenges of engaging residents wary of recent legislative changes.

“I started feeling like this bail reform, like while I’m putting my life on the line, I’m putting my police officer’s life on the line to catch that person and they are on the street again,” Paek said. “You know, people do make mistakes, but the same time you don’t make mistakes by using a weapon to rob somebody, that’s not a mistake.”

His campaign emphasizes his commitment to ensuring safety in local neighborhoods, drawing on his firsthand experience addressing community concerns and maintaining law and order. Paek believes that with this breadth of experience, it equips him with a unique perspective on community safety and crisis management, crucial skills he intends to leverage in Albany.

“I’m gonna start advocating, I’m gonna be the the loudest voice amplifier in Albany or the city hall trying to educate these people,” Paek said. “At the same time, it kind of boils down to safety, right? Like I want to go to work without getting slashed. I want to go to work without getting shot, whether you’re Democrats or whether Republican. I’m going to educate them. I’m going to persuade them we need to change these rules and regulations.”

In addition to an emphasis on law enforcement, Paek understands the challenges faced by small businesses in New York City. He advocates for reducing bureaucratic red tape and regulations to foster job creation and stimulate economic growth. Paek promises to fight for fiscal responsibility in government, vowing to cut wasteful spending and promote efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

Campaigning actively by personally canvassing neighborhoods, Paek is undeterred by these obstacles. In a district with approximately 7,000 registered Republican voters, he estimates needing around 1,200 votes to secure victory in the primary—a goal he pursues with passion, addressing voter concerns face-to-face and through community outreach efforts.

On criminal justice reform, Paek advocates for a balanced approach that combines tough penalties for repeat and violent offenders with rehabilitative programs aimed at younger individuals to prevent recidivism. His stance reflects his belief in strengthening law enforcement capabilities while fostering initiatives that address root causes of crime.

In navigating political challenges, Paek emphasizes amplifying district concerns in Albany, promising to advocate for regulatory changes based on community feedback and his extensive law enforcement background. His candidacy gains traction through grassroots support and a well-organized campaign bolstered by significant fundraising efforts.

“I want to make city lot safer for everybody that that lives in the five boroughs, in New York State and New York City,” Paek said. “I was telling people, I was telling my voters, don’t just call me on your good days, call me on your bad days. Meaning that, coming from a cop background, people don’t call 911 when they’re having a birthday parties or a good time. People always calls like in emergencies. If you got any worries, concerns and ideas that could make my district and my city better, contact me and I’m all in for it.”

District 25 encompasses a diverse array of neighborhoods in Queens, including areas that have seen rapid demographic changes in recent years. Paek’s candidacy is positioned to resonate with voters seeking a leader who understands local issues and is committed to implementing practical solutions.

The Assemblyman position in District 25 carries significant responsibilities, including voting on legislation, approving state spending, and weighing in on gubernatorial vetoes. Paek’s candidacy underscores his readiness to take on these responsibilities and advocate vigorously on behalf of his constituents in Albany. In New York City, early voting is held from June 15 to June 23. There is a one day break before the primary on June 25.



His candidacy challenges Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, driven by his extensive law enforcement background and commitment to community service.

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