NYC DOT Unveils Ambitious Plan for 500 Secure Bike Parking Locations


Two example designs for small capacity bike parking facilities. Courtesy of the NYC DOT.

New York City is gearing up to revolutionize its biking infrastructure with the announcement by the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez of plans to introduce a network of 500 secure bike parking locations starting next year. 

This move aims to bolster the city’s surging bike ridership, offering crucial support for residents who lack in-home bike storage space.

The initiative, unveiled on May 9, marks a significant milestone in the city’s efforts to accommodate its burgeoning biking community.

Commissioner Rodriguez emphasized the importance of addressing the growing demand for secure bike storage, particularly as more New Yorkers opt for e-bikes and cargo bikes, which pose unique storage challenges.

“With record bike ridership and an all-time high number of protected bike lanes, New York City is experiencing a booming cycling renaissance,” said NYC DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. “This initiative will support continued growth in cycling by addressing a key barrier to bike ownership: the lack of access to secure bike storage.”

The surge in bike ridership, coupled with an unprecedented number of protected bike lanes across the five boroughs, underscores the need for accessible and secure bike parking facilities. This initiative not only promotes cycling as a safe and eco-friendly mode of transportation but also addresses the practical challenges faced by many New Yorkers in storing their bikes.

Two example designs for high-capacity bike parking facilities. Courtesy of the NYC DOT.

“As more people ride bikes to get around, including heavier and pricier e-bikes, we must create infrastructure for safe, convenient storage,” stated Deputy Mayor for Operations Meera Joshi. “New York must be built for people, at the density our growing city requires. These storage lockers will create many more spaces for New Yorkers commuting needs on our limited roadway.”

The selection process for an operator to oversee the bike storage network kicked off today with an open call. Once a company is chosen, NYC DOT aims to roll out the first storage locations next year, with the full complement of 500 sites expected within five years.

“Providing residents with secure bike parking is instrumental in ensuring more New Yorkers are walking, biking, and using mass transit, which helps to cut our greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mayor’s Office of Climate & Environmental Justice Executive Director Elijah Hutchinson. “New Yorkers require a mixture of travel options to meet their daily needs, and this RFP presents more green alternatives while also helping us meet our PlaNYC commitments.”

The rollout strategy prioritizes strategic locations, including major transit hubs, residential areas lacking in-home storage options, and sites equipped to accommodate e-bikes. Additionally, the agency plans to distribute the storage facilities equitably across all five boroughs to ensure accessibility for all New Yorkers.

“The creation of this network of secure bike parking locations will go a long way toward making bike ownership more feasible for people in Queens and throughout our city,” said Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. “These locations will give bicyclists the peace of mind in knowing they can safely secure their bikes once they reach their destinations.”

The initiative has garnered widespread support from various quarters, including transportation advocacy groups and local officials. The consensus is that enhanced bike parking infrastructure will not only encourage more New Yorkers to embrace cycling but also contribute to the city’s broader sustainability goals.

“Ensuring that New Yorkers have secure bike parking is a critical component to the continuing growth of bicycling across the city,” said Ken Podziba, CEO of Bike New York. “This major increase in bike storage will make bicycling significantly easier and more accessible.”

With New York City’s embrace of cycling showing no signs of abating, the launch of a comprehensive secure bike parking program represents a significant leap forward in the city’s quest for a greener, more bike-friendly future.

“We can encourage people to make better, greener transit decisions by making alternatives like biking safer, easier, and more accessible. It’s infrastructure like bike storage and protected bike lanes that are necessary to get more New Yorkers onto bikes,” said Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso. “Thank you, DOT, for this work to begin to advance a bike storage network so more New Yorkers can get out of their cars and enjoy the open air on two wheels.”

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