Mural Brings Color and Comfort to St. Mary’s Hospital


St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children recently unveiled a vibrant mural at its Bayside Facility, commissioned by Maspeth Federal Savings and crafted by Splashes of Hope, aiming to uplift patients and families. Courtesy of Maspeth Federal Savings.

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for kids and young adults with special health needs, celebrated the unveiling of a vibrant new mural at its Bayside Facility on May 15. 

Commissioned by Maspeth Federal Savings (MFS) and crafted by Splashes of Hope, a nonprofit organization known for its transformative healthcare murals, the artwork aims to uplift the spirits of patients and their families.

Jill Nicolois, Vice President and Community Affairs Director at Maspeth Federal Savings, shed light on the recent collaboration with St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children and Splashes of Hope to unveil a new mural. Nicolois highlighted the longstanding relationship between Maspeth Federal and Splashes of Hope, emphasizing their shared commitment to supporting healthcare facilities, particularly during the pandemic.

“St. Mary’s has long been a beacon of hope for the New York City families,” Nicolois said.  “It is our hope that this mural becomes a source of light and healing for patients and their loved ones.”

Nicolois noted the specific details about the mural’s design and its significance to the Queens community. She emphasized the meticulous attention to detail in portraying Queens’ rich tapestry of landmarks and iconic locations, which collectively contribute to the borough’s vibrant spirit.

“Somebody from the hospital requested this theme,” Nicolois said. “They came up with that idea and so as a lifelong Queens, we were able to brainstorm the A to Z Queens locations.”

Nicolois elaborated on the diverse array of Queens landmarks depicted in the mural, ranging from renowned structures like the Unisphere and JFK Airport to local favorites such as the Queens Zoo and the Seven Train. Each element was carefully selected to represent the borough’s cultural and historical significance, offering patients and their families a visual journey through Queens’ storied landscape.

Representing the diverse tapestry of Queens, the mural features iconic landmarks and businesses, highlighting the borough’s cultural richness and celebrating its entrepreneurial spirit, with bilingual elements to reflect the community’s diversity. Courtesy of Maspeth Federal Savings.

The inclusion of representations of local businesses within the mural was also highlighted, underscoring the community’s interconnectedness and the mural’s role in celebrating Queens’ entrepreneurial spirit. From beloved eateries like the Cone Ice King to prominent establishments like Target, the mural serves as a tribute to the diverse economic ecosystem that thrives within the borough.

Additionally, Nicolois pointed out the bilingual elements incorporated into the mural, reflecting Queens’ status as one of the most linguistically diverse places in the world. With portions of the artwork featuring text in both English and Spanish, the mural celebrates the cultural diversity of the community and ensures that all visitors, regardless of language proficiency, feel welcomed and represented.

The decision to commission the mural for St. Mary’s stemmed from Maspeth Federal’s desire to bring light and inspiration to the hospital’s patients and families. Nicolois outlined the collaborative process, which involved visiting the hospital with Splashes of Hope to select a suitable location for the mural and commissioning the artwork at no cost to the hospital.

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, known for its advanced care and specialized services, was described as a lifeline for children with long-term health needs.  St. Mary’s  has been a beacon of hope since its establishment in 1870 as New York City’s first hospital dedicated to severely ill children. Regardless of insurance status or ability to pay, St. Mary’s provides essential care for children who require advanced treatments, serving as a lifeline for countless families.

“As a community bank, our mission is to always try to help those in our community that need help and to complete this mission we need to find partners who share the same vision of helping those that are in need,” Thomas Rudzewick, President and CEO of Maspeth Federal Savings. “St. Mary’s Children Hospital’s mission statement says, ‘We bring big hearts to our little patients,’ so who better to partner with.”

Dr. Edwin Simpser, President and CEO of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, expressed gratitude for the partnership with MFS and Splashes of Hope, emphasizing the positive impact such collaborations have on the hospital’s programs and services.

“With the help of philanthropic support from organizations like Maspeth Federal Savings, our programs and services keep thriving and enriching the daily lives of children at St. Mary’s,” Simpser said.

The unveiling ceremony, attended by representatives from MFS, Splashes of Hope, and St. Mary’s, featured heartfelt speeches and the presence of patients eager to witness the unveiling of the mural, which had been concealed until the event. The event marked the culmination of months of collaboration and planning, with the mural serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who encounter it.

“Today marks another step toward transforming medical spaces from clinical to colorful,” Elizabeth Schafer of Splashes of Hope said.

The collaboration between Maspeth Federal Savings, Splashes of Hope, and St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children underscores the power of art in healthcare settings, providing comfort, inspiration, and a sense of belonging to those facing challenging circumstances.

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Maspeth Federal Savings, established in 1947, is among New York City’s oldest mutual savings banks. Committed to providing fee-free, community-centered banking services to individuals, families, and small businesses throughout Queens and Long Island, MFS upholds core values and actively engages with the community. Recognized as a certified Great Place to Work, MFS supports local initiatives through charitable donations and partnerships.

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