Woodside on the Move Partners Serves 200 Meals in Community Food Distribution Event

Courtesy Woodside on the Move

Woodside on the Move, a community-focused organization, recently conducted a successful food distribution event in Astoria, serving nearly 200 meals to residents in need.



Woodside on the Move, a longstanding organization dedicated to community enrichment, recently hosted a successful food distribution event in collaboration with local partners. The event, which took place in Astoria, served nearly 200 meals to residents in need, highlighting the organization’s ongoing commitment to supporting the community.

The food distribution event was made possible through funding secured via participatory budgeting, a process that involved input from community members and support from Tiffany Cabán’s office.

Benjamin Kim, a Program Coordinator at Woodside on the Move, emphasized the importance of community input in securing the necessary resources for such initiatives.

“Our organization is all about community-based action,” Kim said. “It’s been really fulfilling to work closely with residents and local partners to address food insecurity and provide essential services to those in need.”

Woodside on the Move partnered with Roti Boti, a local restaurant and the Astoria Halal Fridge to prepare and pack the meals for distribution. Volunteers from the organization then delivered the meals directly to residents, ensuring that those facing food insecurity had access to nutritious meals.

“Our organization is all about coming in and doing like a community based organization, just for us to be ingrained with the community and for us to be able to bring these hot meals to where food insecurity might be occurring,” Kim said. “it’s been really fulfilling, and also to establish a closer relationship with Astoria residents as well as offer our services.”

In addition to providing meals, the event served as an opportunity for Woodside on the Move to establish closer relationships with residents and offer support beyond food assistance. Kim explained that the organization’s housing team was on hand to provide information and assistance with various services, including SNAP benefits and MetroCards.

“We’re not just here to distribute meals,” Kim said. “We’re here to listen to the needs of the community and provide support wherever we can.”

The success of the food distribution event reflects Woodside on the Move’s ongoing efforts to address food insecurity and support residents in need. With future events already planned, including one scheduled for May 4, the organization remains dedicated to making a positive impact in the Woodside community.

For more information about Woodside on the Move and upcoming events, interested individuals can visit the organization’s social media at woodsideonthemove for updates and announcements.

Courtesy Woodside on the Move

With collaborative efforts and community input, the organization addresses food insecurity while offering additional support services, reflecting its commitment to community enrichment.



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