Grand Avenue Street Fair Draws Thousands


Thousands flocked to the Grand Avenue Street Fair held on April 27, spanning from 69th St to 72nd St and proudly sponsored by the Maspeth Chamber of Commerce. Families and children reveled in the diverse array of attractions the fair had to offer. From fun rides and engaging games to captivating arts and crafts, vibrant live music performances, delectable food stalls, and enlightening informational booths, there was something for everyone.

 Children delighted in winning prizes and taking home goldfish, while adults seized the opportunity to acquaint themselves with various community organizations and indulge in purchases ranging from exquisite jewelry to artisan crafts and exotic culinary delights.

One booth at the fair caught the attention of visitors with its mission to support the American Cancer Society. Marsha Fromowitz, a board member involved in event planning, represented the organization and promoted their upcoming Relay for Life Event, set to take place on June 22 at Juniper Valley Park. The booth aimed to encourage sign-ups for the event while providing vital information on cancer screenings.

Representatives from the Department of Corrections were actively engaging with visitors at the event, providing essential information about recruitment opportunities within the department. They emphasized their role in disseminating details to interested individuals about the process of signing up for the corrections exam. Attendees were informed about test-taking procedures, application steps, and even provided with details about pay scales.

Another booth, overseen by Victor Orellana and his wife, stood as a testament to their family business. Hailing from Ecuador, they proudly showcased their handmade products, including necklaces, bracelets, and crocheted items. With a keen eye for detail, they crafted each piece with care, incorporating personalized touches such as engraved names. Their passion for their craft has spanned over three to four years, with weekends spent together as a family, delighting in the joy of creating and sharing their unique creations with the community.

As the festivities drew to a close, the Grand Avenue Street Fair stood not only as an annual celebration of community spirit but also as a testament to the diversity, talent, and warmth found within the Maspeth neighborhood as spectators eagerly await next year’s event.

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