Queens Firm Named Exclusive Personal Injury Law Firm of the New York Mets

Personal injury and accident law firm Chopra & Nocerino has reached a deal with the New York Mets as the team’s exclusive personal injury law firm. According to partner Sameer Chopra, the new partnership will include brand licensing, advertising and joint event coordinating.

“It’s a partnership where we can service the community together,” Chopra said. “We have similar crowds and obviously we’re servicing the same people.”

Fans can find Chopra & Nocerino advertising material on the stadium walls and LCD screens and look forward to giveaways and promotional events as the Mets look forward to the 2024 season opening in March. Chopra said the firm is excited for the advertising and branding benefits, but the connection between the firm and the franchise is deeper than an ordinary branding deal.

“I think part of what was compelling to them was the fact that I’ve grown up in Long Island. As a kid I went to their games sitting literally in the nosebleed seats,” Chopra said. “Talking to them and saying how I was a fan back in the day, to now come 40 years later and be sitting in their corporate office talking to them about our mom and pop shop that has now become one of the biggest faces in New York for personal injury from their backyard. As a long-term fan it went a long way.”

Chopra said the exclusivity of the deal sets it apart from a typical branding deal to establish a reliable partnership between the two organizations.

“We weren’t just given this. A lot of other companies try to advertise with the Mets but what we wanted was a specific exclusivity deal which essentially creates a partnership where we are the only [personal injury law firm] allowed in that space,” Chopra said. “We can effectively service the community together and those rights show the partnership and willingness on both ends to try and boost each company’s followers and clientele and those things, but yet also service the community the best we can.”

Chopra said his firm had to compete with larger national brands for the exclusive deal but emphasized the importance of Chopra & Nocerino as a local business.

“A lot of these national brands that come in, they advertise or they say things on the radio but they have no connection with the people here in New York. They’ve never been in a courtroom in New York, they’ve never seen a courtroom in New York, yet they come and spend millions and millions of dollars in advertising and essentially lie to people as if they’re the best attorneys in New York when they’ve never practiced here,” Chopra said. “I think that was a very very big factor and we showed the most gratitude for their interest in us because of that. The fact is that they wanted to give a homegrown mom and pop firm, two kids from New York, the opportunity to partner with them instead of a national brand that has no ties to New York.”

Chopra said his firm’s community service history also plays a major role in the partnership. Chopra & Nocerino’s food giveaways have fed thousands of New Yorkers, according to Chopra, and sets their firm apart from similar competitors for its investment in the local community.

“They saw the amount of good deeds and our background, our ethics and our willingness to help the community. There’s really nothing we get out of that, it’s just something we want to do,” Chopra said.

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