Lease Brokers Vs New Car Dealerships; The Choice For Queens, NY Residents

So the question is like this folks. A New Yorker wakes up in the morning and decides that it’s time to purchase a new car. This is a life changing moment by no means. The only issue is that this person does not actually have hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase the car up front. So of course, the person will consider leasing a new car because which also gives them the added benefit of swapping it out after a few years. So now that this very important car leasing client is ready to pull the trigger he needs to understand what the difference are between buying from a New York auto lease Broker or a leasing from a new car dealer. Let’s jump right into it:

Understand Pricing:

  • New Car Dealerships: Dealerships set their lease prices, and you negotiate with them directly. You may have more room for negotiation, especially if there are ongoing promotions or incentives.
  • Lease Brokers: Brokers may have pre-negotiated deals with multiple dealerships, potentially providing you with competitive rates without the need for extensive negotiation.


  • New Car Dealerships: Dealerships are often associated with specific vehicle manufacturers (e.g., Kia, GMC, Jeep). They typically offer lease deals on the brand they represent.
  • Lease Brokers: Brokers act as intermediaries between you and various dealerships or leasing companies. They may have access to a broader range of makes and models since they are not tied to a specific brand.

Test Driving:

  • New Car Dealerships: You can visit a dealership in person, test drive vehicles, and discuss lease options directly with their sales team.
  • Lease Brokers: Brokers may provide more convenience by streamlining the process. Savvy sales people from these small businesses will try to make you feel like a VIP car leaser and baby you with gifts and lot’s of talk time. You might communicate with them online or over the phone, and they can help you find suitable lease options without visiting multiple dealerships.


Here is the real conclusion, the non sugar coated version. Larger new car dealers with sometimes have yearly specials but it’s like buying from a big chain. You’re not going to go in an bargain much and your best bet is to hit them up during their yearly franchise wide promotions. This is obviously less optimal so all in all if you are a real bargain hunter the best thing to do is to reach out to a bunch of local Queens, NY lease car lease companies and shop shop shop until you find the terms you want at the price you want. The flexibility of these brokers is much greater based on the amounts of banks, promotions and manufacturers they work with.


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