John E. Cimmino, age 80, passed away at home on September 25, 2023, surrounded by family. John is survived by Antoinette, his wife of 59 years, his children: Angela Cimmino (& husband Ben Lent), Edward J. Cimmino, and Christine Albano (& husband Stephen Albano), and their children and grandchildren.  John was born on May 27, 1943, the son of an Italian immigrant shoemaker and a seamstress who instilled a good work ethic, appreciation for quality home-made everything, and lived the true meaning of waste not, want not. He met his wife in high school and often reminisced that he knew she would be a wonderful mother to his kids one day. Antoinette and John danced beautifully together well into their 70’s. John was an NYPD police officer for 20 yrs. He was an honest man, a good neighbor, and a friend to everyone, and his parents’ craftsman skills shined through in his carpentry and woodworking. John enjoyed time with family and friends, adored Antoinette’s cooking, and was always fiddling around with one hands’ on a project or another. When John became a Grandpa, he leaned even further into his creative side after retirement- all to the benefit of his kids & grandkids: He finished basements and converted garages to playrooms because the grandkids needed play space, built two tree houses complete with zip lines, slides, rope ladders, and rock walls – because, why not? – brought inflatable boats to the bay during family beach trips, hung rope swings, built loft beds, and so much more. 15 years ago John was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma and worked with wonderful doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering to beat ridiculous odds. We all got bonus years with him, and he often said he ‘won the lottery’ because he got 15 extra years to watch his grandchildren grow up… and they certainly won the Grandpa lottery with that gift of his 15 extra years in their lives. Antoinette has been by his side through it all. A pillar of strength, a true Wonder Woman, a vibrant, healthy, energetic, loyal, caring, loving partner John was blessed to have, and whom we are proud and grateful to call Mom, Nonni, sister, aunt, and friend. Antoinette brought John home where he wanted to be, to the house he grew up in, where he passed peacefully, surrounded by family. Thank you, Dad, Grandpa, Uncle John, Johnny for your love, kindness, and generosity, for sharing your talents and skills with so many, and for being who you were to your family and friends. Love you always. Funeral services were held at Hess Miller Funeral home in Middle Village, NY, followed by a funeral Mass at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church on Saturday, September 30th. Donations in John’s memory may be made to to further the clinical research he benefited from under Sloan Kettering doctors’ care.

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