Pol Position: Santos Could Get Plea Deal: Reports

One prosecution down. Who knows how many left to go?

The country of Brazil has reportedly offered Rep. George Santos a deal in an over decade old fraud case, per CNN reports.

The embattled and factually challenged Congressman has been facing a series of investigations, since reports have found him to fabricate nearly every aspect of his life.

Santos was being accused by Brazilian prosecutors of writing bad checks back in 2008. Under the deal, Santos would admit to the $1300 fraud and pay damages to the victim. Santos’ attorney requested non-prosecution due to his “re-socialization” and now gainful employment.

Even though his “gainful employment” and “resocialization” hinges on lying through his teeth, Santos still has no sense of irony or shame.

At time of publication, Santos is currently under several other investigations: ranging from the House Ethics Committee, the State Attorney General’s Office, the Queens District Attorney Office, the Nassau County District Attorney’s office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York. There may be more by the time this paper comes out, due to the sheer volume of allegations and headlines circulating around the controversial congressman.

It is doubtful that every other office looking into the Queens-based Congressman will offer similar sweet-heart deals as these investigations stem from more recent alleged wrongdoings

Hopefully, one of these prosecutor groups will finally nab the liar so we don’t have to waste more ink talking about this fabulist and can dedicate inches to more substantive New York issues.

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