In Our Opinion: ‘Scam’tos needs to go

In Northeastern Queens, the new representative has a little difficulty with the truth.

George Santos, the Republican elect representative for Northeastern Queens and parts of Long Island has admitted in multiple interviews since the New York Times blockbuster report  that he had lied, or in his words “embellished”, parts of his backstory to voters.

Since the New York Times story dropped, questions and investigations relating to how Santos acquired the money to self fund his campaign, misrepresented his backstory as being “Jew-ish” rather than “jewish”, and that he didn’t attend the universities and schools he said he did. With the attention and scrutiny a gray lady investigation brings, the story has catapulted in the national presses, with follow up stories investigating his lies further and reports of federal investigations proceeding to see if any criminal acts have occured. 

Even fellow freshman Republican representative Nick LaLota has called for a full Ethics committee investigation.

“House Republicans like me are eager to be sworn in and focus on our Commitment to America and our respective districts. Yet, over the last few weeks I have heard from countless Long Islanders how deeply troubled they are by the headlines surrounding George Santos,” the representative said in a statement released on Twitter. “As a Navy man who campaigned on restoring accountability and integrity to our government, I believe a full investigation by the House Ethics Committee and, if necessary, law enforcement is required.”

This isn’t about politics: what we think the marginal tax rate should be or what we think government spending should prioritize. This is about something more important: essential values. 

How can a district feel like they are represented when seemingly everything that has come out of Santos’ mouth has been a lie, or at this point in time, should be treated with utter hostility. He has fabricated such basic things about himself that no sane voter should trust anything else that comes out of his mouth. 

The people of New York’s third congressional district need a leader they can trust. The only way that could happen is if a full investigation is permitted and avenues for accountability are exercised upon. 

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