The Next American Revolution

As we celebrate another birthday of our nation, the first in human history dedicated to freedom for all, are America’s founding principles still operating? Sadly, not for millions of students. Must we have another revolution for them?

Our founders risked all to break free from the oppression of the British monarch. Freedom to them meant, the ability to make the best use of their God-given rights enumerated in the Declaration that rejected the rule of the king, and to do so without unreasonable interference.

Our unique opportunity-for-all-system, has worked well for over 246 years. But our society cannot be truly free unless everyone can freely select the education and career that fits them best.

A year ago, I wrote about the growing lack of respect our education bureaucracy has for the trades. The first half of the 20th century saw the development of some of the best trade education programs that provided millions with necessary skills, giving our country the ability to develop technologies that won world wars and allowed us to venture into space. However, since the middle of the last century our schools have destroyed those once great training programs, depriving countless Americans of their best career opportunities. Can our country survive without people trained to maintain all the new technology we rely on every day? NO. Can our people be successful in careers that don’t suit them? Absolutely NOT.

Many schools have disbanded and defunded training programs in automotive and other trades. The prevailing attitude among school administrators is that the trades are not respectable careers for students. These programs have been steadily deprived of resources, much like the current defund-the-police craze and will lead to similarly disastrous consequences.

The reduction in trade training programs has been a massive disservice to many students who could benefit greatly from such careers. Too many schools push students into college-prep programs regardless of their interests and aptitudes, in much the same way as school lunchrooms offer only so-called “healthy” menu items, most of which wind up in the garbage. Students cannot be force-fed food or knowledge. Many “not-college-ready” students are herded into colleges that they won’t graduate from, leaving them with limited job skills and substantial student-debt. Since this disproportionately affects mostly low-income minority students, who could have highly successful careers if given proper training opportunities, is this racist? Trained technicians, of all backgrounds are in high demand, and can earn much more than many with college degrees, without any debt. Why is this fact kept secret from the public?

Why are educational bureaucrats limiting student career options and opportunities? Those “experts” rule over our educational system in much the same way the British monarch ruled over the colonies, and they must suffer the same fate if our country is to survive. Our high-tech society cannot function without high-tech technicians. The few remaining good trade education programs are overwhelmed with student applications. Many have thousands of submissions for dozens of slots. Those left out are greatly disadvantaged and wind up either, under or unemployed. The edu-crats don’t understand the law of supply and demand dictates schools offer programs to meet the need for training in all areas. Schools must offer programs best suited to students’ abilities. We owe them the best education possible for them to become successful and for our economy to have a balanced workforce. The lack of targeted career training is a major contributor to high crime rates, physical and mental health problems, as well as, weakened economic and national security. Our survival as a free nation depends on correcting this imbalance.

It’s time for an AMERICAN EDUCATION REVOLUTION – where all students, regardless of background or ability, have the opportunity for: LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF THEIR HAPPIEST CAREER.


Contact your local community board & demand schools offer training programs serving all students’ best interests.

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