Street Vendors cause congestion for Flushing pedestrians

The rising number of street vendors along Main Street in downtown Flushing is creating congestion for pedestrian travel, making it difficult to navigate the sidewalks.

In an effort to address the proliferation of vendors and other businesses using sidewalk space to sell their wares, New York City Councilwoman Sandra Ung recently invited Department of Consumer and Worker Protection Commissioner Vilda Vera Mayuga to visit the area and discuss ways to try and alleviate the issue.

“Vending is a complicated issue and Flushing is one of the areas where we know there is an especially difficult balance to strike between vendors, businesses, and pedestrians,” Mayuga said. “I appreciate Council Member Ung meeting with us and walking through the neighborhood as we work to educate vendors and hear the concerns of all involved.”

During her tour with DCWP officials, last week, Ung stressed the importance of enforcing existing regulations requiring all street vendors to be licensed by the city.

“The goal here is not to be punitive, but rather to ensure that our sidewalks are clear and safe,” Ung said in a statement.

Ung added that she looks forward to working with DCWP to ensure a safe and hygienic experience for shoppers and pedestrians in the downtown business hub.

“I want to thank Commissioner Mayuga for visiting Flushing to walk the streets and see many of the issues local residents have brought to my attention regarding the increasing congestion on our sidewalks,” Ung said. “I appreciate that the Commissioner and the Adams Administration have been responsive and willing partners in addressing this matter.”

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