NY voters reject proposals to make voting easier

Voters across the state of New York have overwhelmingly rejected three ballot measures that would have done away with voter registration deadlines, as well as expanded no-excuse absentee voting.
New Yorkers also voted down a ballot measure that would have amended the state’s ongoing redistricting process.
“The New York Conservative Party is proud to have led the effort to defeat three shockingly un-democratic ballot proposals in Tuesday’s election,” said party chari Gerald Kassar. “They were designed by the Joe Biden-led Democratic Party to weaken long-established election safeguards in their favor, just as they’re trying to do at the national level.”
Proposal 3 on the ballot would remove the current requirement that a citizen be registered to vote at least ten days before an election, while also allowing the state legislature to enact laws that allow same-day voter registration.
Nearly 60 percent of voters were opposed, with just over 40 percent suppoting the measure. Nationwide, 20 states and Washington D.C. allow same-day voter registration.
Proposal 4 would have expanded access to absentee voting, which currently only allows people who are traveling, ill, or physically disabled to vote by mail. It failed by roughly the same margin as Proposal 2.
Proposal 1 would have frozen the number of state senators at 63, among other redistricting measures.
It would have also required the counting of non-citizens as part of the state population, change vote thresholds for adopting redistricting plans, and require that incarcerated people be counted towards their home address and not the place where they are incarcerated.
Fifty-five percent of voters were against the proposal, with 44 percent supporting it.
Proposals 2 and 5 were both passed, which amends the new York Constitution to include the right to clean water, air and a healthy environment, and allows Civil Courts to hear claims up to $50,000, respectively.

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