We Need Real Infrastructure Improvements

We have several ongoing projects to improve our quality of life.
This includes the rebuilding of LaGuardia Airport and the construction of the AirTrain. Who remembers the old LaGuardia, and the traffic and delays to pick up relatives and friends who had no idea the disastrous experience awaiting them?
The $2.1 billion AirTrain project has the funding and the plans are drawn. Our ex-governor approved and has his name all over this, could that be why the resistance is growing?
Critics say it was his pet project. The resistance comes from a small vocal local coalition led by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the same public official who killed a deal to bring 75,000 jobs to Queens.
Building for the future, creating thousands of construction jobs and putting people to work is what the government is supposed to do.
The linking of the airport to the existing mass transit system is necessary, as is the need to improve the MTA in general.
In envisioning where all this will lead to for the future, we must consider how modes of transportation have stagnated. Ever-growing traffic jams and growing commute times hinder our happiness.
Most would prefer to move elsewhere to get away from this stress and aggravation. Individuals around this city find it unbearable, but do not have the financial resources to just pick up and leave.
Without new infrastructure and planning we are on a downward spiral.

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