Thief, a new ‘80s themed bar in Williamsburg

The 1980’s graffiti, art and music scenes are things of legend, and restaurateur John McNulty offers a small taste of them with Thief, his new Williamsburg bar that opened last week.
“It’s my modern take on a neighborhood bar, and I can’t wait to bring it to the city at this moment of resilience,” says McNulty. “I dig the low key, casual vibe of a dive bar more than anything else but also appreciate a killer glass of wine. I hope a visit to Thief will help our visitors steal back some of the time they lost to the pandemic.”
Thief is open daily on Monday through Friday from 5pm – 2am, Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 2am; located at 595 Union Ave (on the corner of N 11th).
McNulty has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and during this time he learned that the casual, friendly vibe of a good dive bar is impossible to beat. With Thief, he hopes to pair this type of atmosphere with an upscale, contemporary bar program and some edgy, ‘80s style.
Their chicken parm sandwiches are one of the great foods they offer along with their killer wine menu that focuses on small producers that McNulty discovered throughout his years in the restaurant industry.
For those on a budget, there will always be pours below $10 on a list that includes some pinks and oranges along with an array of reds and whites. On hot days you can opt for a Friesling – a frosty glass of frozen riesling.
The Summer Nights offers a twist on the classic Old Fashioned by mixing reposado tequila with oranges bitters and peaches, while the Supersonic amps up a gin and tonic with celery shrub and a cucumber ice cube.
While a destination on it’s own, Thief is also perfect for a pre or post-meal libation for guests hitting one of the area’s popular restaurants – a selection of aperitif and after dinner drinks await visitors who are dining nearby. In keeping with the unpretentious vibe, McNulty promises neighborhood friendly beers like Miller Lite and Estrella Jalisco will flow alongside some select craft rarities from Other Half, Stillwater Artisanal and many more.
Thief also offers a large take out window, allowing passerbys a taste of the fun with a custom menu that can be enjoyed on-the-go. Take-out and delivery have become a crucial solution for many bar operations in NYC, and Thief’s take-out window is an extension physically built into the design of this new space to accommodate a wide range of customers and their varying needs.
Occasional live music will also capture the creative energy that coursed through the early ‘80s, while a top-notch sound system will fill the room with gritty soul. The double entendre hidden in the bar’s name hints at the spirit Thief hopes to add to the neighborhood: a thief is a tool used by producers of all things beverage (wine, beer, spirits) used when sampling from their barrels, and the classic meaning of the word should inspire you to purloin some precious moments for yourself.
For more information, please visit or follow along on Instagram @thief.bk.

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