Forest Hills Artist Releases New Book

Rosie Risnler is an artist based in Forest Hills who recently published a new book. Titled “Inspirational Words (& Artwork)”, her new piece is a collection of motivational mantras about life and sketches she’s created over the past few years.

While Rinsler primarily designs greeting cards, this title marks the sixth book that she’s produced over the course of her career. It is the first of her books to include excerpts of writing and explores her personal connection between creativity and mental health.

In the winter of 2019, she was waking up every morning with panic attacks and having constant nightmares. In the midst of all of this she had a fall and became so weak that she had to go to a rehab hospital for 6 weeks. Throughout her struggles she continued writing and creating artwork – never losing her passion for art or creativity.

Two years later, through intensive rehab and therapy she said she’s happier than she’s ever been at any point in her life. She also believes that her psychiatrist, Dr. Vivek, saved her life in helping her find the right medication.

The inspiration behind the publication of this book is in how it might benefit people who have had similar experiences with mental health. After seeing the progression of her art and writing as she got better, her therapist, Barbra Williams urged her publish the body of work – saying it could be helpful to people in all walks of life.

“There is always hope,” Rinsler wrote in a letter to the paper. “Mental illness is not a dead-end street and my book is a testament to that.”

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