Volvo Car Lease NY

Volvo Car Lease NY

Volvo is that Swedish car manufacturer whose name keeps reoccurring every time you search for safe luxury cars. With a rich lineup of powerful hybrids, EVs, and gasoline-powered cars, Volvo is seriously competing in virtually every car segment. Lease a 2022 Volvo from VIP Auto to enjoy the Scandinavian automaker’s expertise in making desirable eco-friendly vehicles. Volvo’s XC40 is currently one of the best subcompact crossovers you can lease today. The rest of the lineup consists of two elegant Sedans (S60 & S90), a duo of stylish class-leading SUVs (XC60, XC90), two practical station wagons, and high-powered electric cars.

Volvo’s vehicles are also known for their high-quality interiors and cargo space. Apart from the modern technology and top-tier convenience features you get in the cabin of a Volvo, its quietness, minimalist design, and top-quality materials separate it from the crowd.

VIP Auto gives you the best Volvo lease deals at remarkably-affordable prices. If you wish to terminate your lease at any time, we have an experienced team to guide you on that and at the same time, counsel you on which Volvo vehicle is the perfect fit for your needs and budget.

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Leasing A Volvo XC40: Is The XC40 Core Convenience Package Worth It?

The Volvo lease deal is always a great place to look if you ever need to lease a reliable and strong luxury car. This Scandinavian auto brand has been around for ages. It has built a strong and reputable name for offering a broad range of practical, reliable, and quality cars.

If you need a well-rounded small luxury crossover with strong built quality, a refined cabin with decent passenger and cargo hold, and a swath of tech and active safety features, leasing the Volvo XC40 is definitely the deal.

However, this pleasant small luxury SUV comes in three different trim levels. To lease the XC40, you’d have to pick the best trim for you. Unless you want a sporty XC40 or you want your SUV to come fully loaded with all the luxe appointments, the base XC40 Core remains a top pick in the lineup. If your care for more luxurious niceties and active safety features, consider adding the available Core Convenience Package to your XC40 lease.

What Is The Volvo XC40 Momentum Premium Package

The XC40 Core is the entry-level of the Volvo XC40 lineup. This most affordable model comes fully equipped with all the standard design and comfort language you can get from a Volvo. It packs many exciting features, including heated front seats, power-adjustable passenger seats, a sport steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, and a digital instrument panel. It also packs a power liftgate, lane keeping and park assist, Cruise control, BLIS and Cross Traffic Alert.

Regardless of these intriguing features, if you want to increase the comfort level of your leased XC40 Core, add the Core Convenience package.

Features Of The XC40 Core Convenience Package

You can add the Core Convenience package to your XC40 Core lease for as little as a few hundred dollars extra. The Convenience package offers you more comfort during longer rides in your luxury small SUV. Adding this package opens the door to more exciting features such as;

  • Keyless Entry
  • Power Passenger Seat
  • HomeLink® Function

The keyless entry feature gives you unlimited access to your Volvo XC40. Always keep your remote key with you, and see the doors and tailgate automatically open. A single button is all it takes to lock the doors.

The power passenger seat, which permits you to adjust the passenger seat cushion and backrest in many ways via the Volvo’s easy-to-use control panel beside the seat, works solely to enhance the comfort of everyone in your XC40 during long road trips.

Finally, the unique HomeLink® system helps you connect your Volvo XC40 with some of your home appliances, including your garage doors, home exterior lighting, and alarm system. You can control any of these appliances with a single tap from your XC40 control panel.