Pol Position: Mayor’s Messiah Complex Returns

Mayor Adams spent Sunday doubling down on his religious messaging and claiming that he woke up in the middle of the night 30 something years ago with God telling him that he would be Mayor starting January 1, 2022.

“The message was clear. God stated, you can not be silent. You must tell everyone you know,” Hizzoner continued before quipping that people thought he was “on medication” for telling people that he would be the Mayor.

Adams continued to say that he woke up in the same state a few months ago.

“God said talk about God. And I started to say don’t tell me about separation of church and state. Don’t tell me that when you took prayer out of school guns came in.  Don’t tell me that I have to remove my feeling of god. And you saw what happened. All the front pages and national stories,” Adams said during his Fathers Day Remarks at Lenox Road Baptist Church. “I don’t care what anyone say – it’s time to pray.”

Hizzoner was roundly ridiculed in February for comments critiquing the separation of church and state. Adams partially retracted his statement, saying that government shouldn’t interfere with religion but declined to give an affirmative answer to the idea that church and state should be separated.

“No, what I believe is that you cannot separate your faith. Government should not interfere with religion and religion should not interfere with government. But I believe my faith pushes me forward on how I govern and the things that I do,” Adams said in a CNN interview after being asked point-blank whether or not he supports the separation of church and state.

Eric Adams continued to compare himself to the protagonist of Glory, a Civil War film where Denzel Washington’s character runs away from his fort to meet the love of his life before battle. When he came back his punishment was to be whipped, but since he already had a lot of scars, he told them: “What could you do to me? I’ve been beat already.”

Adams then turned the cinematic reference into an impassioned critique of the press.

“What do you think they can do to me? You try to beat me with your news articles? I got the scars already. You try to beat me with your commentary? I got the scars already. You can’t do anything to me! I know who’s voice I hear,” said Adams.