Pol Position: No Shame Santos

He’s running folks.

The factually challenged and scandal prone congressman for Queens and Long Island announced his candidacy for re-election this past Monday. The congressman, who is under several investigations and admitted to fabricating parts of his resume, made the announcement from Washington DC.

“As a first-generation American, I am no stranger to the issues affecting my district. I grew up poor with a single mom, and thank to the American dream, a poor boy of immigrant parents in Queens can grow up to serve his community in the halls of Congress,” the congressman said in a statement.

Within his first few months in office, Santos has spurned multiple investigations into him ranging from sexual assault allegations to

Most people with a national spotlight hounding on their multitude of lies would most likely want to hide under a rock for the rest of their life. But not Santos. Here in Queens and Long Island we truly have someone special currently representing us.

Hopefully there will be a wide field of candidates both on the Democratic and Republican side who wile file against the walking headline generator, so that a new representative can focus on delivering for the district rather than inspiring Saturday Night Live skits.

Santos will most likely double down on his personal narrative, as indicated in his statement and focus on crime and other issues to win over voters. But unlike his first run for congress everything from local to midsize and national media will have eyes on him and the race.

House Ethics Committee Opens Santos Investigation

By Matthew Fischetti


U.S. Representative George Santos is facing yet another investigation.

The House Ethics Committee announced on March 2 that they opened up an investigation into the congressman..

Santos is specifically being investigated in regards to “unlawful activity” in relation to his 2022 congressional campaign, failure to properly disclose required information on statements filed with the House, violation of federal conflict of interest laws relating to his role in a firm providing fiduciary services, and engaging in sexual misconduct to an individual seeking employment in his office.

Santos’s government Twitter account said on March 2 that ”Congressman George Santos is fully cooperating. There will be no further comment made at this time.”

Politico previously reported that the FBI opened an investigation into allegations that he took money meant for a disabled U.S. Navy veteran’s service dog. Back in December, the Nassau County D.A. also announced that they too were investigating the lying congressman

Santos is also facing charges from Brazilian prosecutors for check fraud charges levied against him back when he was 19-years-old.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy previously said that if Santos is found to have broken the law, “we will remove him,” per ABC News.

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