Good luck Eric!

Dear Editor,
Congratulations to mayor-elect Eric Adams. We all need to offer our support for the incoming mayor, even if we did not vote for him.
Adams will have a lot on his plate. He has many issues to address, like crime and guns on the street, affordable housing, homelessness, mental health issues, rising food costs, vaccine mandates, and much more.
Adams is a blue-collar worker who fully understands the problems of the poor and the issues facing the common men and women of this great city. As a retired captain of the NYPD, I think he will support our Finest.
I hope he succeeds for the good of us all.
Frederick R. Bedell, Jr.

Adams thanks diocese for COVID relief efforts

Standing in front of Borough Hall this past Friday, Borough President Eric Adams honored the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Emergency Task Force for its year-long effort to assist first responders and frontline workers.
The task force consists of volunteers who worked closely with Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio and Diocese leadership to distribute food and equipment.
Since the pandemic began, the group has delivered over 500,000 masks, 100,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, and 40,000 gloves to police and fire departments, hospitals, nursing homes, and other entities in need throughout the state.
Additionally, the group delivered iPads to students throughout the borough to assist with virtual learning.
“When we were out there criss-crossing Brooklyn, we saw the borough president out there criss-crossing as well,” said task force member said Vincent Levien. “He has always been there helping us help the people most in need.”
Adams awarded citations to all of the members present before offering his own brief remarks.
“We want to thank all the members of the organization for being the COVID heroes we expect,” he said. “Even during these challenging times, we should acknowledge how our faith-based institutions played such a vital and critical role in getting our city up and moving.”
“We are able to hope to get back to normal life because of dedicated people like them,” added Councilman Mathieu Eugene. “They put themself in danger to help of those in need. If it weren’t for them, the crisis would be worse.”

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