Private Jet NY

The Queens Ledger Featured Private Charter Jet Company in New York Is None Other Than: Platinum Private Jets NYC 31 W 34th St. Ste. #7162, New York, NY 10001, United States (929) 255-3990. Whether you’re looking to fly to Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London or anywhere else in the world –  Platinum Travel has got you covered. Take advantage of empty leg flights (ie. flights returning with no booked passengers that can be booked for a fraction of the price of a regular private charter jet).

Unlock unparalleled luxury, pricing & flexibility: Choose us over standard private charter jet operators. What you get when working with a jet operator: ‍Limit you to the 4 or 5 options they have available Cost you 30%-40% more on average Severely cut down your choice of jets Eliminate the enormous savings on jets that are going anyway and one-way returns (see more of this life-changing strategy below) Never provide you with gourmet 5-course meals on board paired with your favorite wine or scotch Never meet you with a Maybach on the tarmac (or any vehicle) Never have availability to book up to 90 minutes in advance.