Nissan Car Lease NY

Nissan Car Lease NY

If you’ve decided to lease a Nissan, then you must be a lover of stylish and expertly-engineered vehicles. Nissan is a Japanese automaker with a strong reputation for producing reliable, fuel-efficient cars that drive smoothly and delivers satisfactory value for your money. Nissan’s lineup presents you with a plethora of pleasant options, from gas-powered to all-electric cars. Lease from VIP Auto today to get some of the most affordable Nissan cars available in the US.

VIP Auto gives you access to the latest Nissan cars at mouthwatering prices. Our inventory comprises Nissan models equipped with desirable options and packages. So whether you are looking for one as cheap as the Versa, as sporty as the GT-R, or a full-size hauler as large as the Armada, we always have the perfect Nissan lease tailored to meet your needs and suit your budget. If you want to terminate your current lease, maybe because you want to taste something different, or the lease price is now too expensive for you, don’t hesitate to contact VIP Auto so we can help you out. Our services are all designed to accord you a fascinating lease experience.

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Is Adding The SV Technology Package To My Nissan Rogue Sport SV Lease Deal A Good Idea?

Forget about the Sport in its name and its sporty looks; the Rogue Sport is never a sportier version of the Rogue. It comes with average driving dynamics. Regardless, the Nissan Rogue Sport lease deal will always be a delightful alternative for any shopper that wants a smaller and more affordable version of the popular Nissan Rogue.

The Rogue Sport is easy to like, thanks to its long list of advanced safety amenities, spacious cabin, and generous cargo room, despite its size. However, if you want to lease this smaller version of the Rogue, you need to consider the best trim level for you and the right optional features to add.

Leasing the Rogue Sport SV offers you the best model in the Rogue Sport lineup. This midlevel trim packs more exciting features than the base S trim, including remote engine start, keyless entry, heated front seats, heated steering wheel, power-adjustable driver’s seat, and an improved audio system. Opting for the SV Technology Package adds more convenience and driver assist amenities to your Rogue Sport SV lease.

What Is The Rogue Sport Technology Package?

There’s so much to love about leasing a Nissan, especially the Rogue Sport, but the highlight is the technology package. This optional feature is easily one of the best things about this small SUV.

Ordinarily, the Nissan Rogue Sport only edges above its competitors with its long list of standard safety features and class-leading cargo capacity. The ride is okay, as well as the handling. Opting to lease the Rogue Sport SV model offers you an affordable Rogue Sport with more standard features than the base. However, adding the available Rogue Sport SV Technology package lets you enjoy all the mouthwatering Nissan tech features that will make your ride more comfortable and relaxing.

Features Of The Rogue Sport SV Technology Package

Opting for the SV Technology Package will quickly outfit your Rogue Sport SV with more comfort, and advanced driver assist features, including;

  • Intelligent Around View® Monitor
  • Leatherette-appointed seats
  • Memory System – driver’s seat and outside mirrors
  • Intelligent Driver Alertness
  • ProPILOT Assist
  • Electronic Parking Brake

The Nissan’s Intelligent Around View® Monitor or surround-view parking camera system makes maneuvering your Rogue Sport in and out of the parking lot more effortless. It works by giving you an all-round view of your Rogue Sport SV.

The leather-appointed seats and driver seat with memory function are there to guarantee your all-round comfort anytime you get behind the wheels of your Rogue Sport. The intelligent driver alertness system monitors your steering pattern to detect when you’re getting drowsy. Finally, the ProPilot Assist helps your Rogue Sport maintain a specified distance, apply the brakes to prevent a collision, and steer the Rogue Sport to keep it centered in its lane.