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Welcome to the Queens Ledger. Our finance team has flipped every brick in town to bring you the absolute best choice for mortgages in our area. What can you expect from out featured broker? Award winning service, the best interest rates, lot’s of verified testimonials and much more. With that said, our featured Queens, NY Ledger Mortgage Broker is none other than:

R&J Capital Mortgage & Loan Brokers of NY 80-02 Kew Gardens Rd Suite 1040, Queens, NY 11375

Now folks, don’t think you need impeccable credit to work with this company –  you don’t. They are the experts at no income and no credit mortgages. As long as you can prove that you can pay your monthly mortgage payments, they can work with you. Contact them now for a free mortgage and loan consultation and start the journey towards purchasing the property of your dreams now.



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R&J Mortgage

Corporate Office: 80-02 Kew Gardens Rd Suite 1040, Queens, NY 11375


R&J Mortgage & Loan Brokers Manhattan NYC  31 W 34th St. #7162, New York, NY 10001  

Ready to lock-in the best mortgage loan rates in New York City Guaranteed? Call now for a free loan consultation. We provide lending services to residents of New York regardless of whether they have good credit or not. We offer income based and FHA loans as well. We have helped many who could not dream of attaining a mortgage secure a new home and fast. Contact us today and learn more.