Dental, Denture, Crown & Implant Lab Miami, FL

We Present To You Our Ledger Featured Dental Lab In Miami, FL – Ultimate Dental, Denture, Crown & Implants Lab 4300 Biscayne Blvd, Suite#203, Miami, FL 33137 (305) 771-0255

Welcome to our award Winning and very affordable dental lab in Miami, FL. We use cutting edge technology and our own development systems to provide our clients with the some of best products available nationwide. Our production line includes Dentures, Implants & Crowns. Our fixed restorations include Zirlux, BruxZir, Full-Contour Zirconia, IPS e.max, PFM, Full Cast & PMMA Provisional. Our removable solutions include ValPlast Flexible Partial Dentures & ValPlast Cast Combo Partial Dentures. We offer complete, economy & economy acrylic partial dentures. Our Implants & Hybrids include Zirconia Hybrid Implant Bridge, FCZ Screw-Retained Hybrid Crown, Zirconia Abutment & Titanium Abutment.


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Dental, Denture, Crown & Implant Lab Miami, FL


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