Car Lease

Queens Car Lease

VIP Auto Lease is a trusted car leasing company in Queens NY, serving the tri-state area and beyond. We offer the best car lease deals in town and we don’t require a down payment.

Low monthly payment

Leasing offers a lower monthly payment than buying, without the commitment of owning. That’s because you only pay for the use of your vehicle. To learn more simple contact the true NYC car lease broker for VIP’s today.

No down payment required

We offer zero down, no money down car leases with all our auto leases. All we need is your signature! When you get a zero-down auto lease you can choose your lease options so your monthly payments are still low, even with a low credit score.

The best prices in Queens NY

We work closely with leading dealerships to provide you with quality and trusted vehicles. This means that you have unlimited options with every make and model of car, truck and SUV

Is it cheaper to lease a car in Queens?

Given the number of new cars coming off leases, leasing a car in Queens is a great idea. You can save money on your monthly payments, and you don’t have to worry about selling your car when it’s time to upgrade.

Why should you lease a car online?

When you lease a car online you can shop, customize your options and lease terms for any type of car from our massive inventory. You won’t be bothered by a pushy sales team and you can complete the process without ever leaving your home!

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