BMW Car Lease NY

BMW Car Lease NY

Powerful engines, luxury, cutting-edge technology, and a playful chassis are the characteristics you think of each time you see a car with the famous kidney grilles. BMW is an iconic automaker that has made its mark as one of the best in high-end sports and luxury cars. Like key German rivals Audi and Mercedes, the depth in BMW’s lineup is astonishing. Whether you are in search of a fast and luxurious sedan (M3, M240i), convertible, coupe (M4), or SUV, there is a BMW for everyone. And if you want to enjoy these posh rides at affordable prices, you should lease from VIP Auto.

For shoppers looking for something more stylish, eye-catching, and unique, we offer BMW’s lineup of exotic convertibles, including the 4-series and 8-series convertibles, the Z4 roadster, etc. Our inventory also includes all BMW coupes, sedans, and Gran coupes. SUVs start from the subcompact X1 to the full-size X7. If these rides don’t tickle your inner racer, you can turn to the fire-spitting BMW M models for increased levels of luxury and performance. VIP Auto guarantees a hassle-free lease process, budget-friendly prices, an unbeatable lease experience, and easy lease termination process.

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BMW X6 xDrive40i Lease: Is It Rewarding To Add The Driving Assistance Professional Package?

If you’re so into premium SUVs with rakish rooflines, perhaps leasing the BMW X6 is enough to satisfy your taste bud. Beyond its distinguishing sloping roof and sporty exterior styling, leasing the X6 offers you much more than the appealing looks. This coupe-style fastback car is popular for all the right reasons.

Although leasing this BMW SUV only gives you a less practical alternative to the X5, as the slashed roof reduces the rear headroom and cargo space, it’s not a heavy price to pay if you value style and little more performance. The X6 shares many traits with the more practical and affordable X5, including a ritzy cabin with a swath of high-tech features and a comfortable ride. However, this SUV is best for smaller families.

If you don’t have a higher budget for the more powerful M50i, settling for the X6 xDrive40i lease deal should satisfy you. The base xDrive40i comes with a robust powertrain and a swath of standard tech and luxury features. The more exciting part of leasing the X6 xDrive40i is that it offers lots of customization options. If you prioritize your peace of mind anytime you get behind the wheels of your X6, consider adding the optional xDrive40i Driving Assistance Professional Package.

What Is The xDrive40i Driving Assistance Professional Package?

Many automakers are constantly making efforts toward the autonomous driving goal. The new BMW’s Driving Assistant Professional package represents one of the giant strides of this reputable German brand towards the self-driving goal.

The BMW Driving Assistant Professional package or driver assistance systems is a collection of all the high-tech features designed to give you peace of mind and boost your confidence anytime you get behind the wheels of some BMWs. It packs BMW’s best driving assistance and collision avoidance technologies.

Features Of The xDrive40i Driving Assistant Professional Package

Every shopper leasing a new BMW X6 should consider adding the driver assistance technology systems. Opting for the xDrive40i’s Driving Assistant Professional package grants you access to some spectacular BMW technologies such as;

Active Driving Assistant Pro

The Active Driving Assistant Pro technology of the xDrive40i Driving Assistant Professional package comes with cameras and sensors. This driver assistance system delivers partial automated support whenever you’re behind the wheels. It packs many exciting features, including Steering and Lane Keeping Assistant, Lane Change Assistant, Emergency Stop Assistant, and Evasion Aid assist. These features keep your X6 within its lane, detect the presence of vehicles or pedestrians in front of your X6, and automatically apply the brakes when the need arrives.

Extended Traffic Jam Assistant

The second content of the BMW’s xDrive40i Driving Assistant Professional package is the traffic jam assist, which like the previous content feature, delivers partially automated support, but this time for a few defined road functions at about 40 MPH.

Is It Worth It?

The xDrive40i Driving Assistant Professional package takes away the task of driving from you—to some extent—and offers you the much-needed peace of mind and complete confidence, comfort, and safety. It not only captures information around your BMW and warns you but actively acts to keep you safe by taking control of the car when the need arises.