On The Record: Christos Terzidis, Emmy Award Winning TV Producer and Collaborator from the Greek American Community

Christos Terzidis is one of the most prominent professionals in the TV and Event Production World. He has participated in major international TV Productions such as the Olympic Games and Soccer World Cups. He has, so far, 3 Emmy Nominations of which he was awarded with 2 Emmy Awards. He is also a creative artistic manager with decades of experience in that field.

“I was honored to be part of 7 Olympic Games as a member of TV Production and more specifically working with OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Company), the company that produces the initial TV material of Olympic Games that is distributed to the rights holders and the main shareholder the IOC (International Olympic Committee). My journey started back in 2004 in the Olympic Games of Athens where I was part of the Production team for the Opening and Closing Ceremony and Athletics. Since then I have worked in Winter Olympics in Torino (2006), Olympic Games of Beijing (2008), Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro (2016) and Winter Olympic Games of Pyeong Chang (2018). My last project, with this company, was the Olympic Games of Tokyo where I was running the Production of the Golf Course and Paralympic Games.

“I have collaborated as well with FS1 (Fox Sports) for the Production of their Remote Studios Shows on the Soccer World Cups of Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022) and the Women’s Soccer World Cup in France (2019).

“My main role in those productions was administration, logistical support and Technical Supervision. Of course, my creative experience helped me with those productions because it made me aware of the final product we delivered.
My collaboration with the art department of those productions is important due to the fact that I have an excellent sense of art, hence I can support and fulfill their needs.
TV Production is a teamwork sport and every member of the Production crew has to have a basic knowledge of all aspects of TV.

“I was nominated 3 times for the Productions I delivered with FS1 in Moscow, Paris and Doha for the Soccer World Cups – both Men and Women – and I have received the highest honor of being an Emmy Award Winner for Paris (2019) and Doha (2022).
“It is the dream of any professional to be on the league of those who have received this honor. It was the highest point in my professional life, so far. I hope that, in the near future, I will make a higher leap in the industry.

“It was significant for me, the collaboration that I had with the Times Square Alliance on events like the New Year’s Eve Drop Ball Event and the Summer Solstice/International Yoga Day. Apart from the numerous corporate events and business forums, it is very important to me the times I collaborate with organizations connected to Greek American community. I have helped and supported the community to organize important events that a lot of times serve charity purposes. Amongst the numerous events, like premieres and screenings at The Museum of Moving Images, I choose as the most special, the event that I had planned and organized to Honor the NBA Mega Star Yiannis “Greek Freak” Antetokoumpo.

“Even though this period is dominated by the turbulence of the recent strikes from SAG-AFTRA and Hollywood screenwriters, I intend to be an optimist. AI’s implementation on these industries and regulations of streaming royalties are matters that’s good to be right on the surface, so they can be sorted out by common decisions and open the path for a more prosperous time both for corporations and creators/artists.”