Queens Together distributes turkeys to families in need

From Astoria to Far Rockaway, 1,000 turkeys were distributed to families across the borough by Queens Together.
Jonathan Forgash, co-founder and executive director of Queens Together, said that matching grants from ten Queens-based groups made it possible to distribute the turkeys just in time for Thanksgiving.
“Since the start of COVID, we’ve been working with community groups from around the borough giving meals out to neighbors,” said Forgash. “The silver lining of COVID has been working with thousands of donors, volunteers, restaurants, community groups, churches, elected officials and business leaders to raise the money and do the work. It’s really kind of inspiring.”
Between restaurant meals, food pantries and grocery giveaways, Forgash estimates that Queens Together has fed 200,000 people since the beginning of the pandemic.
A chef of 25 years, Forgash said he was astonished at how food insecurity impacted his own stomping grounds of Astoria.
“I thought the food pantry here wouldn’t be as hard hit as Flushing, Corona and East Elmhurst,” he said in the parking lot of the Variety Boys and Girls Club (VBGC) in Astoria. “I was just wrong. We were handing out produce every Thursday to 500 families in Astoria. People were standing here for hours waiting for food.”
The 1,000 turkeys went to Astoria Houses, Sunnyside Community Services, VBGC, Louis Masonic Lodge in Marine Park, and the office of Assemblywoman Jessica Gonzales-Rojas.
“Queens Together has been a great partner,” said VBGC CEO Costa Constantinides. “They were feeding people here in our parking lot during the pandemic. So many families are still struggling from COVID. Being able to give at this time of year is special.”

Five arrested in Middle Village mayhem

By Evan Triantafilidis


Five people were arrested after a large group of protestors marched through Middle Village on Friday, damaging property along the way.

The group was observed by officers at about 8:30 p.m. marching and throwing garbage cans in the path of police vehicles attempting to follow them.

Police also say the group attempted to break mailboxes, damage parked vehicles and tore down several flags.

Social media posts by the NYPD and Councilman Robert Holden on Friday night and Saturday morning show vehicles damaged and one car spray-painted with the words “F— You.” Its “Thin Blue Line” flag decal was spray-painted over.

“The NYPD takes its responsibility to protect the 1st amendment rights of peaceful demonstrators seriously,” the NYPD posted to Twitter. “Just as important is the safety of NYers & the protection of property from people breaking the law in the name of protest. As seen tonight in Queens, they will be arrested.”

None of the five people arrested were from Queens, They face charges of rioting, unlawful assembly and obstructing governmental administration, among others. A hatchet, axe and spray paint were also recovered by police.

Kyrk Freeman, a 22-year-old from Brooklyn; Charles Edmonds, a 37-year-old from Freehold, New Jersey; Jonathan Lefkowitz, a 38-year-old from Brooklyn; Daniel Wattley, a 28-year-old from Brooklyn; and Alexander Davis, a 33-year-old from Brooklyn were takeninto custody.

Demonstrators hit the streets just hours after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict was announced on Friday afternoon. Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges, including first-degree intentional homicide in connection with the August 2020. Rittenhouse fatally shot two protestors and injured a third in the riots that occured in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Holden renewed his call for peaceful protests during a press conference with mayor-elect Eric Adams the following day.

Speaking to this paper, Holden said the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case was an excuse for what he calls “anarchists” and “spoiled brats” to cause damage.

“They’re totally misguided,” said Holden. “These idiots were looking for anything to destroy.

The councilman said the neighborhood could have been targeted because it is a “pro-police” neighborhood.

“They could’ve targeted us because we were white, if they’re doing that it’s racism,” said Holden.

Elsewhere on social media, videos show police following protestors and threatening them with arrest. The footage shows a group yelling, “Good night, alt-right! No Nazis in our town tonight!”

Adams released a statement following the Rittenhouse verdict focused on reforming the country’s gun laws.

“The Rittenhouse ruling should be the last horrifying piece of evidence we need to reverse dangerous gun laws in America and reject the culture of hate and bias that leads to violence,” it read.

“Whether it’s in Southern Wisconsin or East New York, guns sold in one state are used to create death and mayhem on the streets of another day.”

104th Precinct Police Blotter (11/08/2021-11/14/2021)

Monday, Nov. 8
Raphael Cruz was arrested at Cypress Avenue and Palmetto Street for aggravated unlicensed operator by Officer Kardonov.
Ruben Toro Escobar was arrested at 1915 Linden Street for strangulation by Detective Lodato.
Giovanni Gonzalez was arrested at 64-05 Central Avenue for criminal mischief by Detective Wright.

Tuesday, Nov. 9
Kobe B. Saquicela was arrested at Putnam Avenue and Steir Place for criminal possession of stolen property by Detective Wright.
Elfreda Spence was arrested at 73-24 52 Court for robbery by Detective Bublin.
Jay Molina was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for criminal contempt by Detective Scrimenti.

Wednesday, Nov. 10
Wilmer Arqui was arrested at Cypress Avenue and Jackie Robinson Parkway for driving while intoxicated by Officer Nicaci.
Marisela Corchado was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for felony vehicular assault by Detective Scrimenti.
Eric Zuzio was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for criminal contempt by Officer Foppiano.
Nahum Rodriguez was arrested at Maurice Avenue and 54th Avenue for possession of a forged instrument by Officer Simone.
Areeb J. Keen was arrested at Cypress Avenue and Myrtle Avenue for aggravated unlicensed operator by Officer Pickett.
Marcin Guminiak was arrested at 2047 Palmetto Street for felony assault by Officer Etienne.
Reynaldo Almonte was arrested at 1834 George Street for misdemeanor assault by Officer Arfeen.

Thursday, Nov. 11
Vincent Ranzie was arrested at 60-40 Woodbine Street for robbery by Detective Gerardi.
Brian Day was arrested at Myrtle Avenue and 80th Street for possession of a forged instrument by Officer Billotto.

Friday, Nov. 12
Lisandro Azocar was arrested at 73-24 68th Avenue for felony assault by Officer Troia.
Janine Rapisardi was arrested at 73-24 68th Avenue for felony assault by Officer Troia.
Emeil Osbourne was arrested at 1866 Madison Street for burglary by Officer Duran.
Rafaela Castaldo was arrested at 60-19 Madison Street for felony assault by Officer Jimenez.
Lewis Clarke was arrested at 64-02 Catalpa Avenue for menacing by Detective Scrimenti.

Saturday, Nov. 13
Juan Gaspar was arrested at 589 Seneca Avenue for aggravated unlicensed operator byOfficer Petito.
Gregory Davis was arrested at 1635 Putnam Avenue for felony burglary by Officer Jaswal.
Castro Edoven was arrested at 66-16 Stier Place for third-degree assault by Officer Jimenez.
Nicole Castaneda was arrested at 66-16 Steir Place for criminal mischief by Officer Jimenez.
Adrian Orellana was arrested at 59-69 Fresh Pond Road for criminal obstruction of breathing by Officer Fasano.
Carlos A. Valero was arrested at 61-49 Dry Harbor Road for third-degree assault by Officer Dale.

Sunday, Nov. 14
Welsey Povlich was arrested at 56-16 Myrtle Avenue for making graffiti by Officer Petito.
Cristian Vazquez was arrested at Fresh Pond Road and 68th Road for driving while intoxicated by Officer Mancini.
Zsolt Laskovics was arrested at 1109 Cypress Avenue for misdemeanor assault by Detective Wright.
Robert Watson was arrested at 1635 Putnam Avenue for burglary by Officer Mark.
Tinamarie Foley was arrested at 65-45 Admiral Avenue for felony assault by Officer Giordani.

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