Petulant child

Dear Editor,
Republicans refuse to raise the debt limit in order to pay for the debt they incurred.
The GOP is the teenager who steals their parents’ credit card, runs up a huge bill and crashes the family car. As usual, Democrats (the parents) have to pay the bill and get the car towed out of the ditch.
Republicans had no problem voting in favor of permanent tax cuts for billionaires, but funding to expand dental, vision and hearing care for seniors? Provisions to fight climate change and curb prescription drug prices? Taking care of veterans? “That’s where they draw the line? What a complete disgrace.
Insanity and disaster are the Republican agenda. Senator Mitch McConnell would rather drive a car into a brick wall and set off an economic catastrophe than do his job, which is to pay for what he already spent during the Trump presidency.
Robert LaRosa, Sr.

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