The new NYPD?

Dear Editor,
If you think that fighting crime is the NYPD’s top job, guess again.
While shootings and homicides in New York City are nearly double their pre-pandemic levels, Mayor Bill de Blasio said “Customer service has to be what the NYPD is about.”
To achieve that goal, the NYPD will hire “community guides” at all 77 police precincts to greet visitors at the door. This new program will cost taxpayers $5.7 million a year.
Our mayor is doing this because he’s upset by the “gruff & dismissive” attitude toward the public. Even though New Yorkers fear for their safety, de Blasio wants cops to act like Walmart.
Instead of hiring greeters, why not hire more cops to reduce crime? New York’s Finest serve their “customers” – law-abiding residents and taxpayers – by risking their lives daily to protect us.
If they are sometimes “gruff & dismissive,” perhaps it’s because de Blasio and other “progressive” political leaders don’t respect them. Getting pelted and spat at by “peaceful” protesters may impact attitudes.
I urge our elected representatives to halt this insanity. But if they don’t, I’m sure our likely next mayor, Eric Adams, a former cop, will pull the plug. He values public safety above “customer service.”
Richard Reif
Kew Gardens Hills

Young guns

Dear Editor,
Twenty-one children between the ages of 13 and 17 were killed in shootings and stabbings this year in New York City. The number of shootings of children under the age of 18 has risen to 105. This has to stop!
We need to bring back “stop and Frisk” to take guns off the street, bring back anti-gang units, and have more youth programs. Parents should not have to bury their child.
The mayor and the NYPD need to stop the killing of our youth. So far, Mayor Bill de Blasio has dropped the ball.
Frederick R. Bedell, Jr.

Petulant child

Dear Editor,
Republicans refuse to raise the debt limit in order to pay for the debt they incurred.
The GOP is the teenager who steals their parents’ credit card, runs up a huge bill and crashes the family car. As usual, Democrats (the parents) have to pay the bill and get the car towed out of the ditch.
Republicans had no problem voting in favor of permanent tax cuts for billionaires, but funding to expand dental, vision and hearing care for seniors? Provisions to fight climate change and curb prescription drug prices? Taking care of veterans? “That’s where they draw the line? What a complete disgrace.
Insanity and disaster are the Republican agenda. Senator Mitch McConnell would rather drive a car into a brick wall and set off an economic catastrophe than do his job, which is to pay for what he already spent during the Trump presidency.
Robert LaRosa, Sr.

Different day

Dear Editor,
Columbus Day is now also called Indigenous People’s Day. Why can’t that holiday be on a different day?
If people want this additional holiday, then it should be celebrated on a different day, not on October 11. We Italian Americans are proud of celebrating Columbus Day, and nothing should ever change that.
John Amato
Fresh Meadows

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