Violent crash in Maspeth

Late on Tuesday evening, two cars collided into one another along a stretch of Grand Avenue in Maspeth. The crash occurred at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Hamilton Place, directly in front of Chase Bank and the Bank of America Drive-thru.

Currently there is no eyewitness testimony of the crash, but multiple accounts detail the scene left behind on Grand Avenue in the hours after the collision.

“Someone had hit a wooden pole on the sidewalk and it was falling down,” said Maspeth resident Kerry O’Connor. “The whole street was closed from 65th place to about 63rd.”

Videos from safety-alert app Citizen paint a clearer picture of the accident’s aftermath. The user-recorded footage shows authorities tending to two motor vehicles on opposite sides of Grand Avenue. One of the cars had collided hood-first into an electrical pole in front of Bank of America. The other vehicle had skidded onto the sidewalk on the other side of the Avenue.

Additionally, the Grand Av/Hamilton Place stop for the Q58 and Q59 bus was partially damaged, and has since been blocked off with police tape.

This week’s crash is the latest violent accident to take place in the streets of Maspeth. On June 15th, a Lyft driver was killed when his car was struck by an unlicensed driver at the intersection of Fresh Pond Road and Eliot Avenue.

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