New mural at Industry City celebrates Asian-American artists

After a year-long delay, a new installation celebrating AAPI (Asian-American Pacific Islander) culture, art, and artists is coming to Industry City in Brooklyn. Titled Home is Inside You, the show features murals from emerging artists throughout Industry City’s sprawling Sunset Park campus.

“The Collision Project [Industry City’s in-house art division] is delighted to work with such a talented group of artists hailing from the AAPI community whose diverse body of work across mediums adds to the cultural vibrancy of the campus,” said Haoran Chen from Industry City’s Design and Art Production team.

Home is Inside You features solo mural installations by young and experienced artists alike. The show debuts work from Jia Sung, a recent graduate and Brooklyn-based artist whose work focuses on Chinese mythology, traditional folklore, and Buddhist iconography. The show is also the first for Jocelyn Tsaih, a Taiwan-born, Shanghai-raised, and California-based artist whose work focuses on her diverse upbringing. Ariana Marino, an experienced magazine editor and illustrator, also has work on display

The installation was originally set to debut in the spring of 2020, but was postponed due to the pandemic. Since that time, the importance of an exhibit about AAPI culture has only grown.

In response to the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, Industry City has partnered with multiple non-profit organizations whose work will be promoted and advertised throughout the Home is Inside You show. These organizations include Heart of Dinner (a NY-based non-profit organization focused on delivering meals to Asian elderly), Cut Fruit Collective (a West Coast-based non-profit that supports Chinese businesses in the Bay Area) and Sakhi NYC (a New York-based non-profit focused on fighting domestic violence against South Asian women).

Industry City will also hold weekly fundraisers at the show and over Instagram to support these partner organizations. All of the money raised through these fundraisers will be matched by Industry City.

Despite the pandemic and the recent spike in hate crimes, Home is Inside You is designed to be a celebration of community and acceptance.

“Art has the power to capture culture in a unique way, and we are honored to work with these talented artists to share their work and message with our audience. We are also grateful for their partnership in bringing attention to the great work of these nonprofit organizations,” Industry City’s Director of Marketing and Community Engagement Cristal Rivera told our paper.

Many of the works on display directly touch on these themes of community and understanding. For example, Jocelyn Tsaih’s mural installation titled “After The Rain” shows figures gathering amongst flowers blooming under rain drops, symbolizing a celebration of coming together after a prolonged period of isolation.

Home is Inside You is currently on display at Industry City and is open from 9 am to 9 pm daily. Admission is free.

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