Brent O’Leary has been doing the work in District 26

The race for NYC City Council in District 26 is another crowded one, but in the field of candidates, only a few really stand out. The district is a large one that spans from the Long Island City waterfront to the BQE in Woodside and includes Sunnyside and Astoria. The district has been represented by Jimmy Van Bramer, who entered the race for Queens BP.
There are a handful of talented public leaders running for the seat, but Brent O’Leary stands out as one who not only will help the district, but has a history of helping the local community. He has an extensive track record and a dedication for public service that makes him a great fit for City Council.
A self-proclaimed “FDR-style” and “Meat & Potatoes” Democrat, Brent believes that strong social safety nets like food security, housing, and healthcare will help empower the working class that makes up a bulk of the borough.
in the midst of the devastating COVID pandemic, O’Leary helped organize a handful of beneficial programs, including a food pantry at the Mosaic Church in Sunnyside. The pantry has been a key resource for thousands of families in the area struggling to feed their families or juggle many different costs of living. O’Leary has also spent time with Woodside on the Move, Hour Children, and helped found the Hunters Point Civic Association, where he helped out thousands access housing, services, and tools to thrive.
Unlike many other politicians who brand themselves as “progressive,” O’Leary has been dedicated to the platform for the past decade. He’s the first candidate in the district to refuse all donations from real estate developers and lobbies, and is set on making sure new developments benefit those in the neighborhoods, especially in a district with so many plans and projects.
When it comes to serving the district, Brent O’Leary has been doing the work. He’s made sure to care for the people of Queens and a role in City Council seems like a perfect fit. O’Leary shows a strong desire to protect his constituents and neighborhoods, pass legislation to support the working class, and most importantly be an accessible public leader willing to handle any problem he’s faced with.

To learn more about Brent O’Leary and his campaign, visit

Parents want a better Mafera Park

Residents of Glendale and Ridgewood are calling on officials to make much-needed repairs to Mafera Park.
The five-acre patch of green space on Shaler Avenue, formerly known as Farmers Oval, has been a recreational haven for generations of local children and teens alike. But now, broken playground equipment, torn rubber padding, worn football fields and an abandoned garden-turned-unauthorized-dog run have made the park unsightly and unsafe, say concerned parents.
“The park has always been a refuge. It was a little worn, but now it has deteriorated and it is getting progressively worse” said Yong Cao, a mother of two who admits she no longer feels comfortable letting her children play there.
Cao and nearly 100 other parents formed The Friends of Mafera Park several years ago to lobby for needed upgrades. Aside from fixing the vandalized roller hockey rink around four years ago, their requests have fallen on deaf ears.
The group planned to host a rally at the park on June 16 at 5 p.m., inviting elected officials, Parks Department representatives, Community Board 5 members and Community Affairs officers from the 104th Precinct to tour the park so they can see the state of disrepair firsthand.
“We have this big beautiful space but it is underutilized,” said Linda Byszynski, a leading member of The Friends of Mafera Park. “We could have better equipment and fix things up so more people can use the park and feel safer.”
Byszynski said as it stands the playground jungle gym is concentrated in a small area, where adults also use the bars to exercise, and the dog run is adjacent to the baby swings, which poses a health hazard.
What’s more, she said some people loiter in the sports fields, drinking alcohol, urinating on the grounds and leaving their garbage behind.
“We have 140,000 residents who use this park and millions of dollars are spent to upgrade other spaces like Juniper Valley Park, why can’t we have that too?” Byszynski asked.
Connie Altamirano, a community activist who has advocated for a host of local issues, said residents reached out to her for help.
“The pandemic has proven that parks are essential to our well-being and has also shown us the value of parks and open space,” she said. “The parents who asked me for help say Mafera Park is the heart of the Glendale and Ridgewood communities.”

EMU Health Director of Breast Surgery highlights the importance of a yearly 3D Mammogram

National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual celebration of life that is held in hundreds of communities around the world on the first Sunday in June.

The day is a celebration for those who have survived, an inspiration for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of support for families, and an outpouring of thanks to the medical community.

This day provides an opportunity for all people living with a history of cancer – including America’s more than 16.9 million cancer survivors – to connect with each other, celebrate milestones, and recognize those who have supported them along the way.

It is also a day to draw attention to the staggering number of new cancer cases and deaths projected for this year. In 2021, there will be an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases diagnosed and 608,570 cancer deaths in the United States.

According to a report by the Cancer Research UK, the survival rate for people with eight of the most common cancers is more than three times higher when the disease is diagnosed early.

More cancer research data suggests that just over 80% of those with cancer survive for at least 10 years when their disease is diagnosed at stage one or two but only a quarter of those diagnosed at stage three or four live for at least a decade more. Ten-year survival is more than 90% for people whose cancer is diagnosed at stage one, compared with 5% for those whose disease is found at stage four.

In an effort to detect breast cancer as early as possible, Dr. Darren Sachs, Director of Breast Surgery at EMU Health, recommends that all women forty and over receive an annual 3D Mammogram.

“Screening mammograms provide the best chance of detecting breast cancers when they are small and treatable. If we detect breast cancers when they are small and early stage, not only are more lives saved from breast cancer death, but women are also able to undergo less extensive surgeries and system therapies,” said Dr. Sachs. 

Dr. Sachs completed medical school at the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in Glen Head, NY, his residency at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, and his SSO Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship at the prestigious Fox Chase Cancer Center.

He is now a Surgical oncologist at EMU Health and a member of the Surgical Specialists of NY; a multi-specialty practice specializing in general surgery, founded by accomplished surgeon, Panagiotis Manolas.

Besides his work at EMU Health, Manolas is currently the Chief of General Surgery, Ambulatory and Outpatient, at Lenox Hill Hospital, a clinical assistant professor of surgery at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and assistant clinical professor at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine.

Many medical centers still offer conventional 2D mammograms, which have a history of producing unclear results, false alarms, or worse – cancer being missed.

EMU Health offers the Genius Exam; advanced 3D Mammogram technology that allows doctors to examine your breast tissue one layer at a time. The imaging system uses high-powered computing to convert digital breast images into a stack of very thin layers or “slices” for your radiologist to review.

“3D mammography technology provides us with the best breast imaging available, allowing us to detect breast cancer as early as possible. Patient survival outcomes are improved if breast cancer is detected in its early stage,” said Dr. Sachs.

EMU Health doctors also utilize Savi Scout; a new revolutionary method for locating breast tumors. With this machine, EMU Radiologists can precisely identify the tissue that needs to be removed during surgical breast biopsies & lumpectomies.

To schedule your yearly 3D Mammogram appointment with Dr. Sachs at EMU Health, click here and fill out the appointment form, or call 718.850.4368. EMU Health is located on 83-40 Woodhaven Blvd Glendale, NY 11385.

Patients come from near-by areas like Middle Village, Kew gardens, Woodhaven, Ridgewood & Richmond Hill, however, EMU’s award winning facilities and staff are worth a trip from anywhere in Queens, Brooklyn & Manhattan.

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