Bring Wal-Mart to Brooklyn
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Dear Editor:

"Hey Wal-Mart, it's time to just dig in" (In Our Opinion- August 26) was great!

Recent news that Wal-Mart is considering opening its very first store in Spring Creek, Brooklyn could be the start of something big for 8,000,000 consumers residing in all five boroughs.

Elected officials who oppose Wal-Mart need to read "The Wal-Mart Revolution" by Richard Vedder and Wendell Cox published by the American Enterprise Institute. It explains the success story of Wal-Mart from a small independent Mom and Pop store in Arkansas to America's largest retailer and employer.

All public opinion polls have consistently shown that New Yorkers would like the opportunity to shop at Wal-Mart. Construction of a new Wal-Mart provides work for construction contractors and their employees. Once opened, there are employment opportunities for many workers.

Ten percent of New Yorkers including students, housewives, heads of single family households, senior citizens and ordinary people currently out of work could find employment. All of these companies and their employees are our neighbors.

Wal-Mart is the nation's largest private sector employer with over one million two hundred thousand employees and growing each year. Tens of millions of Americans including many fellow New Yorkers own stock in Wal-Mart. The same is true for the various retirement and pension plans many people participate in.

Starting pay is several dollars up to double above the minimum wage for new employees around the nation. Promotional opportunities including training for higher paying managerial positions are common. They also offer health care and other benefits. Wal-Mart may actually pay higher salaries and offer more benefits than some of their competitors.

The free enterprise system made our nation great. Economic growth and the creation of wealth comes from businesses- small and large. Consumers shopping at Wal-Mart get a better bang for their buck by being able to compare prices, quality and service to other stores.

Many New Yorkers- poor, working class, single household, fellow middle class people and especially seniors- can't afford to pay extra. They need the great prices, good quality merchandise, affordable food and drugs that Wal-Mart offers.

Consumers have voted with their feet all over America making Wal-Mart the number one retail merchant success story it is today. It is time to allow Wal-Mart the opportunity to compete in the NYC marketplace as well.


Larry Penner

Great Neck
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