BP and Obama's response a disaster
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Dear Editor:

The BP oil disaster has now reached monumental proportions.

It has now reached the Florida beaches and is spreading and maiming the environment and killing wild life and destroying jobs. I've seen pictures of small birds and pelicans covered with the oil and that I find it to be most appalling.

All of this seems to be reaching a disaster of Biblical proportions. I feel President Obama and his administration have not done enough from day one to deal with this problem which is the worst in American history.

This oil spill according to scientists could travel further up the Atlantic coast. The apocalypse is now upon us and we wonder what is next? I think if our wild life who depend upon us could speak they would say “Why us Lord?"


Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks Village
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Freddy Master B
June 13, 2010
Good letter and right on the money. The Tea Party advocates are absolutely right about President Obama.