Driving while under the influence of stupidity
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Dear Editor:

My gripe this week is with careless drivers who have no concern for the safety of others. A news reporter with the CW11 the other night, named Larry Mendte, said there ought to be a moving violation for such drivers called 'Driving while under the influence of stupidity'.

Well I whole heartily agree.

I think getting a ticket for this violation if the driver acted in a careless manner, this ticket would do the trick. There are many drivers out there that are careless and rude and don't obey the rules of the road that they were taught. Examples like not using signals and thinking the driver behind them can read their mind.

Than there are drivers that give you the finger when they think you cut them off or moving too slow. And in my own personal experience, some people go through stop signs often, which I've seen a number of times in Little Neck.

Now let me come to those drivers who are too busy to be concerned about this little thing called driving and paying attention to the road. These people are putting on their makeup. shaving, texting, fixing their radio and dialing their cell phone.

Here's another thing, traffic lights: red means stop, green means go, but yellow does not mean drive faster.

The rules of the road also apply to pedestrians who jay walk or cross against the light thinking they have the right of way no matter what. I feel all these acts ought to be punishable by the normal violation, and than one for being stupid; people should be forced to attend driving and pedestrian classes as well.

That will get more people to take the rules of the road more seriously. This will in the end result in less people getting hurt or killed.


Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks Village
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