Secure our borders
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Dear Editor:

Why can't or why won't the federal government enforce the laws and stop the illegal immigration problem?

When President Reagan gave amnesty in 1983 it was believed that 8 million illegal immigrants were allowed to stay and we were going to fix the problem but today the amount is 20 million and counting.

When a state like Arizona is trying to tackle the problem they care called Nazis, racists, anti-immigrant and there are calls to boycott the state. We are seeing people who are in this country illegally demanding their rights.

Something is very wrong and the majority of Americans see it. We see it in our overcrowded schools and hospitals and jails, the lack of housing and jobs and our taxes are going up.

We cannot have an open door policy in this country because half the world would be here tomorrow. We can't just walk into Mexico and live there and get benefits and you better have your papers because there because if not you are going to jail.

Illegal immigrants are robbing the taxpayers and those who are trying to come here legally. Don't reward the cheaters, make it hard on them so it will discourage others from coming. A nation that can't secure its borders is doomed.


Richard Polgar

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