Queens pol takes on MLB, Apple
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She may only be a state lawmaker from Flushing, but that isn't stopping Assemblywoman Grace Meng of Flushing from taking on the big boys. In fact, just last week she called out Major League Baseball, the New York Yankees, the New York Mets, and she even took on the undisputed master of gadgetry, the near-untouchable Apple.

Meng was just one of several city pols to take a swing at a big hanging curveball last week: the tough new immigration law that was passed in Arizona. If you were an elected official looking to score easy points last week, then the quickest way to do that was to bash everything even remotely related to Arizona - saguaro cacti, the Grand Canyon, Tombstone Pizza, Pace Picante Sauce (we're not sure those last two have anything to do with Arizona, but better safe than sorry), and tough new immigration laws.

And you know what else is related to Arizona: the Diamondbacks, as in the baseball club, not the deadly snake.

And it just so happens that next year Major League Baseball is set to hold the All-Star Game in Phoenix, and Meng joined the growing chorus of individuals who are calling on the league to move the 2011 All-Star Game to a different location in protest.

But Meng singled out the two ball clubs in New York City, calling on the Mets and the Yankees to boycott the game and refuse to send players who haven't even been selected to the 2011 All-Star team (heck, the 2010 rosters haven't even been decided yet) to Arizona. But we say why stop there?

The Mets are set to travel to Phoenix to play the Diamondbacks in mid-July. The Mets should skip that trip as well, unless the team agrees to wear jerseys that say "Los Diamondbacks" and wear sombreros instead of baseball caps to protest the new law. And then a couple of weeks later, the Dimaondbacks are set to visit Citi Field. Perhaps the team should be detained in the dugout for the entire weekend, and then shipped back to the Southwest.

But Meng wasn't done there. She also had some stern words and serious finger-wagging for tech giant Apple, who every seven months or so unveils some new gadget, forcing nerds across the city to leave their computers and go stand in line for days outside the Apple store to buy some new piece of technology that won't actually have the bugs worked out of it for another year or so. Then they rush home and film themselves opening up their new toy and put it up on Youtube.

And Apple welcomes every one of those nerds, that is unless your...Asian! (Cue sinister music.)

According to Meng, she has received complaints from Asian constituents that they have been harassed and harangued with questions about their intentions when they tried to purchase the new iPad, or as we heard it described once, the "college-ruled iPod."

According to a letter Meng sent to Apple honchos, store employees at the Soho branch of the Apple Store have asked Asian customers why they would want an iPad and what they plan to do with it, demand passports and identification, and have even refused to sell iPads to people of Asian descent.

Pretty serious allegations if true. Expect Steve Jobs to answer them via podcast to drive traffic to iTunes.
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