Sarah Palin's White House: a sneak peak
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Dear Editor:

Picture this: Nome, Alaska, July 17, 2012. Breaking news- the GOP (Goofy Oddball Party) just nominated former “drop out” Governor Sarah Palin for president of the United States of America.

Palin stunned the delegates by announcing that Glenn Beck, Fox News ace and “joker” reporter, will be her running mate. She went on to declare that their campaign song will be On the Rogue again!

In her acceptance speech, Palin outlined seven priorities for her presidency.

One: Construction of a bridge to Russia so as to make it easier for her to see Russia from the North White House.

Two: Remove the basketball court from the White House and replace it with a hockey rink.

Three: Take down all communist artwork from the Rockefeller Center (a Beck idea).

Four: Order the F.B.I. to arrest all of Obama's socialists and communists from the government.

Five: re-locate NASA's space launch pads to Alaska. Launching shuttles from the North Pole will save money and time.

Six: Only Fox news reporters will be allowed to cover White House press conferences.

Seven: The United Nations headquarters will be told to leave New York City.

And as for key appointments, Sarah Palin gave Fox News the following exclusive list: Rush Limbaugh, chief of the White House staff; Lynn Cheney, Secretary of State; Wayne Newton, chief of Indian Affairs; Donald Trump, director of Casino Development; Joseph Lieberman, Ambassador to Iraq and Iran; and John McCain, Ambassador to Mongolia.


Anthony Pilla

Forest Hills
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