Nasty Ten-year-old Tales Brought Up In Middle Village Race
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Is the race in the 30th District (which covers Maspeth, Middle Village, Glendale, Ridgewood and Woodhaven) close? You bet.

And just in case voters forgot about the ten-year-old corruption complaints and investigations against then 30th District councilman and now challenger Tom Ognibene, his opponent brought it up – again.

A few nasty glossy mailings were fired out by “friends” of the Liz Crowley campaign, landing in the mailboxes of some of our concerned Glendale Register, Leader Observer and Queens Ledger readers. Stop calling already! We had to install a new voicemail system in our office because the old one burned up - really, call at night and check it out, (718) 639-7000 (no Pol Position Department however, we still don’t rate).

But the slick mail pieces caught our eye because we here at PP think they went a bit overboard with handcuffs and a photo of a 1960’s era reel-to-reel tape recorder. But it did remind us of that old reel-to-reel Donovan recording we found in the Ledger/Star basement. We found an old tape deck, fired it up, and, wow, what a sound.

But where were we...

Oh yeah, handcuffs, bribery, tape deck, wiretaps...Ognibene.

Come on Liz, a black-and-white, dark photo of some guy with handcuffs behind his back? Too far, even for us.

We can’t resist taking a shot at the Buildings Department however. Don’t blame Tom Ognibene for the ineptitude of the Buildings Department just because he had a few friends in there, at least one who pleaded guilty to bribing him.

The Buildings Department doesn’t need any help with who to blame. They have been so futile in their disposition of cases for 20 years, they can’t find anyone else to blame, so they’ll blame anybody.

Talk About An Endorsement Landslide

We keep telling you guys how important we are. Well, Bloomberg’s poll numbers show how important it is to get newspaper endorsements. Truth be told, Bloomberg really put a lot of faith and resources behind the idea of getting endorsed by every New York media outlet he could.

While Thompson is still working on those partisan political endorsements which only people in the industry care about, Bloomberg was getting the real endorsements which mattered – papers like us.

This week the Daily News, New York Post, Crain's, and New York Times did what we did two months ago – endorsed Mayor Bloomberg for a third term. Glad you guys followed our lead. There were dozens of other weekly papers who endorsed Bloomberg too. We’re not all out of our minds, are we?

So many of these endorsements use terms like “better off,” “stronger,” “proven,” “earned,” and “first-rate.” Kind of like the words used to characterize the belly dancer we had at our Pol Position Holiday Party last year.

In fact, Bloomberg’s publisher called us this week to preview his new book called, “How I Got Every Media Outlet To Love Me In Just 4 Months.”

His secret is with us however: It’s not luck, it’s not just money, and it’s not that he put about a dozen of his best operatives on the case. We did notice a new brand of coffee in the coffee machine at the office. We have to assume that all these newspapers in the city are like us and take all the free stuff anyone throws at us. We remember this box marked “Love Potion 4-more Queens Ledger” was delivered to us by the same two guys who escorted Bloomberg to our offices in August. And the coffee tasted funny after that.

Hmm, is there something in the coffee?

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