DOB corrupt
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Dear Editor:

For more than twenty years, Queens civic leaders have been engaged in a good faith effort to bring reform to the NYC Department of Buildings.

Over the past decades, we have seen the agency's inspectors indicted for bribery, the agency's managers "tweak" the Zoning Resolution and Building Code until neither has any meaning and agency oversight failures resulting in injuries and death.

Earlier this year the Department introduced a new complaint-making process that it claimed would bring efficiency and improve enforcement.

However the new rule, which effectively limits complaints to a 45-day window, has done nothing but shut out the average New Yorker's ability to make a complaint.

Now the Department of Buildings wants us to believe that equipping its inspectors' cell phones with GPS devices will help them enforce the city's building and zoning regulations.

We are unconvinced.

Patricia Dolan


Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association


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trish pm
November 12, 2009
I am disgusted with dealings between DOB and HPD. This system is completely tyrannical. I am trying to sue my architect for not only holding back my plans and causing me to lose thousands of dollars but I also am living in my rental and can no longer afford the mortgage on said house. I ofcourse do not have the resources to sue this theif. He was a plans examiner for the DOB for years. I had him arrested for assault although I think it was attempted murder he pled guilty. Since his arrest not the day of occurence i have been receiving complaints and now have violations. The last one was for a stalled construction site received by inspector on 9/04. On 9/08 the inspector went out for inspection. Which I never received notification on any of these things im mentioning about the stalled construction site. On 9/14 they put my house up for emergency demolition. On 9/17 I was preparing to resolve the plumbing complaints and issued a work permit on this day. The plumber put it in the window. On 9/18 the inspector went out for another inspection and said my house was abandonded at some point and said that it was hazardous because of public safety. On 9/29 they came and cemented up my entire house including garage on different property. Oh yes they cemented my windows including the one with the work permit in it as well as my front door . They took my barbecue and my yard furniture so much more including the wood I had in my house for the construction. They sent me back and forth from hpd to dob for the morning part of the day i went to talk to whomever. Then they sent me to finally 80 center street where they told me that my house was abandonded for over ayear when I told that it was not they again said that it was. My house only started work in January and May is when the incident happened. I have a restraining order against this architect. HPD cemented my house 20 days from when the violation was issued never notified me whomever was supposed to but bottom line on hazard situations they are supposed to give you thirty days. The funniest part is that now that I look on the computer on the dob website it says i was compliant. The violation will stay there though till i pay 300 dolllars to put in a certificate of correction which is the same as saying you are guilty. My children are the ones I really feel for . I promised them this house with their own bedrooms and a swimming pool. This Christmas is going to be the worst ever as well. Then ofcourse the thought what will the world be like for them.