Mayor refuses to endorse nobody
Sep 23, 2009 | 20738 views | 0 0 comments | 1087 1087 recommendations | email to a friend | print know your campaign is in trouble when you are no longer considered a long-shot candidate, but in fact a “nobody.”

That's the blow that Republican candidates for comptroller and public advocate – Joe Mendola and Alex Zablocki, respectively – took this week when their fellow Republican running mate, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, said that the winners of next week's Democratic runoffs in those two races would be “running against nobody” come November.

Let's start with Zablocki. It's been a rough past couple of weeks for Zablocki, who doesn't even have a challenger, yet. You may remember a few weeks back we told you about Zablocki getting called a “jerk” by the head of the Voter Assistance Commission in the comments section of a YouTube video that Zablocki actually made for the Voter Assistance Commission, a supposedly nonpartisan “get out the vote” group. Now, he's a nobody, to boot.

Zablocki took the mayor's comment in stride - he's apparently gotten used to the pitfalls, trials, and criticisms that come with running for public office. He's definitely not a nobody, as he told the Daily News, considering that he has been in at least 20 pictures with the mayor, and has even been to his townhouse once or twice.

Mendola, on the other hand, took the mayor's comments a little more personally. He told the Daily News that he was a “fool” to think the mayor would help him become the city's next comptroller just because they were running on the same party line. Mendola went so far as to send out a statement, in which he recounted his troubles growing up,when he often did feel like a “nobody.” That all changed, however, when he became a dad, which made him a “somebody.” Anybody else getting confused?

And just to make sure he got his message across, he signed his statement “Sincerely, Joe Mendola, A Somebody.” But if you don't believe us or Mendola himself that he is indeed a somebody, just take a look at Anthony Stasi's column this week – he actually talked to Joe Mendola, which in our book definitely makes him a somebody.

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