It feels like the day after Christmas
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Finally Primary Day has come and gone, and guess what? Not that many people cared.

Except for the folks who were lucky enough to score a ticket to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Primary Day party to welcome his challenger to the inevitable crushing that billions of dollars is able to comfortably provide, the primaries were a low-key event here in New York City. Apparently still hungover from the election excitement last November when President Barack Obama made history, not too many voters could be swayed to go through the process all over again and so soon.

But the last few months have been fairly exciting for us, and here's a few of our favorite moments:

• The Sweatshop Debacle: Did he work in a sweatshop or didn't he work in a sweatshop, who knows? Who cares. What we love about this little controversy that surrounded John Liu's bid to win the Democratic nod for city comptroller was that, deep down, we secretly think that he orchestrated the whole leak to that Daily News reporter on his own, just so he could control when and how the story got out there rather than let an opponent raise the issue, and then kill it with a comfortable amount of time before the voters headed to the polls. Genius. Although, we also sit alone a lot and concoct crazy conspiracy theories in our head, so we admit we could be way off-base.

• De Blasio's Photoshop Guru: If you think you've seen one de Blasio mailer you've seen them all, you'd be dead wrong. It seems that the de Blasio campaign was just never happy with their literature, as you would see an ad one day, and the next day there would be some minor change, such as the machine gun pendant that was removed from his daughter's neck or the gold chain and graffiti-looking design on a young boy's t-shirt that were both removed. Now that's commitment to perfection...or a commitment to something, anyway.

• Endorsements: What endorsement wouldn't a politician trot out this election season? Bloomberg definitely takes the cake, getting the nod from any celebrity he could find, including Yankees catcher Jorge Posada – and his wife, mind you – and playwright Neil Simon to name just a few. But it seems like everyone was trying to get in the big endorsement game this year. City Council candidate and current district manager of Community Board 1, Gerald Esposito, got the endorsement of Broadway star Bernadette Peters, while Bill de Blasio earned the support of Steve Buscemi in his bid to become public advocate. Endorsements: they are just for unions anymore! But our favorite: Congressman Dennis Kucinich coming all the way from Ohio (with his lovely wife, of course) to endorse Brooklyn City Council candidate Doug Biviano. The announcement was absolutely dripping with self-righteousness.

We guess we'll have to wait for term limits to kick in again before we get to have this much excitement during the primaries.

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