You got comped! Weprin funks up the race
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There's nothing that Pol Position hates more than a stiff comptroller. When you are having a finger wagged in your face about fiscal responsibility, questionable pension fund investments, and the pure evil of no-bid contracts, you want to at least be assured that the dire news and warnings are being delivered by a person who you know can crack a hilarious joke or two at a cocktail fundraiser that makes everyone around him or her smile, and then when the music starts up isn't too high on themselves to head out to the dance floor and cut a rug.

At least that is the strategy current northeast Queens councilman and comptroller candidate David Weprin is taking with his new and improved persona.

Weprin has been criticized for being just a little too dry and serious all the time, apparently not possessing the personality that suits one to pouring over pages and pages of financial documents looking for the slightest inconsistencies. On second thought, he has the perfect personality for that, just not a personality that a lot of political mucky-mucks and those-in-the-know think can appeal to your average voter and get him elected in a citywide race, where his political heritage and instant name recognition won't serve him quite as well as it does in his home district.

So Weprin has been trying to change that. A while back he was so bold as to do a little standup at a campaign fundraiser. Here's a bit we found online:

“A few years ago I told my twins, who were 14 at the time, that I was running for comptroller. They said, ‘Daddy, are you running for controller of the house?’ I told them, ‘No, I’m running for an office I can actually win.’”

Ha, not bad. It's actually a little (maybe a lot!) better than his dancing, that's for sure, which you can judge for yourself thanks to a video on YouTube that we came across as a re-post on The Politicker,.

It comes from a July 17th music festival in Brooklyn, and shows Weprin dancing for about 15 seconds and then stopping, before he is implored to get his groove back on and he starts funk-ing up the dance floor once again!

We'll wait why you go watch the video for yourself.

That's right, laugh it up suckers! Well, when your finished with all of your “So You Think You Can Dance” and “DYAO” jokes, just keep in mind that Weprin's “high-five left/high-five right” moves may have earned him yet another endorsement.

We just got word that the Soul Summit Music Festival, which is where we think the video of David Weprin was shot and takes place every Sunday from 3 to 8 p.m. in Fort Greene Park from early July through August, wants to openly endorse David Weprin for comptroller. And you know what this endorsement means? More dancing! Weprin can't very well accept the endorsement of the Soul Summit Music Festival and then refuse to get out on the dance floor and show off the moves that are going to propel him to office as the city's top fiscal watchdog and all-around keeper of the funk.

The Office of the Comptroller is going to be turned into a non-stop dance party, which is exactly what that dry, boring office needs. We're sure that Weprin's first act as comptroller will be releasing a policy report calling on the mayor to create an Office of Dance, Party, and Festival Management.

Although, we have to admit that with the myriad of endorsements that pop up in our inbox from various unions, political parties, and sitting elected officials, the endorsement of the Soul Summit Music Festival would look pretty fresh on a campaign mailer.

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