Woodhaven Developments
by Maria Thomson
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This year, as always, we are well into the warm and bright sunny days of summer. The beautiful sunsets each day with the blending of red, orange, and yellow colors fill the sky on a background of azure blue. I have always loved sunset, with its bright flashes of light brilliantly end the day. As the sun sets, the sapphire dark blue of night descends and another day ends.

On July 4, we celebrated the birth of our nation, and we rejoiced in the beautiful fireworks display of our own Macy's New York. This New York City institution and the largest store in the world delights us each year, as I have stated before, with this shower of fireworks on July 4th and the great Thanksgiving Day Parade that heralds the Christmas season. This is the gift to our great city and to us, the fortunate residents, from this veritable department store.

How very fortunate we are to have the freedom and warmth of our comfortable homes, the availability of our stores and businesses with every item that we may need. From food to jewelry, from insurance to expert photography, we in Woodhaven have it all! Our Forest Park, our Jamaica Avenue, the trees and flowers in our backyards.

We have food, clothing, homes, and the choice of either eating out, ordering in, or cooking our own specialties in our kitchens or on our bar-b-ques. Yes, we make our own choices in every part of our life, in our religion, in where we live, and in how we want to live.

All of these choices and freedoms we Americans have paid for, since that July 4, many years ago. On that day, we had fought and won our independence and freedom. So celebrate the fact that our America and we are still here, with our freedoms intact and strongly standing together. We enjoyed the fireworks, a gift from a department store, a much bigger version of our little stores, but built with the same concept of the "American Dream" - to strive for happiness and success.

So, I hope you enjoyed this day, and especially in this world that we live in today, celebrate our freedom and pray for all who have fought and died, and are still fighting and dying to preserve it. So, this past July 4, as we celebrated America's Happy Birthday, remember we are a free and noble country, the best in the world, but "Freedom is not Free." Sadly there is a price to be paid for it.

So, fly our American flags proudly above all others in honor of our "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave." And on July 4 and everyday, may God bless our leaders, may God bless the men and women or our armed forces, may God bless our little Woodhaven, and most of all, may God bless our America.

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