Another Take on St. John's Hospital
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Dear Editor:

This is in response to the letter to the editor sent by Captain Ebersole (St. John’s Hospital Needs Overhaul-Sept 4). I was quite taken aback by this letter.

Having had numerous family members treated at St. John's Queens Hospital, I felt as if I was reading a letter written by someone who was talking about a different hospital. My family has received nothing but wonderful care by the individuals employed at this facility and feel that Captain Ebersole was so unfair to label all the nursing staff as lacking in professional skills based on the services rendered by a select few.

A more proffessional method of dealing with this situation would have been to contact the supervisor for this unit and direct his comments toward those individuals who rendered this care rather than lumping all the nursing staff under one blanket. Is it fair to slander numerous other innocent individuals at the hands of a few? It is like placing a scarlet letter on the entire nursing practice because a few individuals are lacking in their professional skills.

I am sure that the military has its own fair share of questionable employees but they do know how to follow the proper chain of command with issues of integrity, just as I am sure that Captain Ebersole has followed this chain of command during his career.

Again, I am sorry that he received what is deemed "substandard" care but he wrongly accused innocent individuals of rendering the same type of care. Is he really aware of what type of ramifications this may cause on the nurses and aides that are really good? As a retired nurse, I take direct offense at classifying all the staff under the heading of substandard...his letter directly affects all those who have entered the nursing field and he owes us all an apology! Those that wronged him should be "re-educated" (as per the hospital response) but those that render excellent care should be never see that published, do you?!


Violet Hennessy


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