Trump’s presidency ends in shambles
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The House of Representatives drawing up articles of impeachment for the second time. Cabinet members and senior White House staff members resigning. Permanently banned by Twitter, Facebook and many other social media platforms.

This is how the presidency of a man who once called Queens home is coming to an end.

On January 20, Donald Trump will, hopefully without a hitch, transition out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to make way for the incoming Biden administration. But after last week’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, directed by Trump’s rhetoric and lies about the integrity of the election, it wouldn’t be surprising if a riot broke out again.

Five people were killed in the siege on the Capitol, including a police officer who died from injuries while trying to hold back the swarm of Trump loyalists. Members of Congress were evacuated and forced to hide in secret safe locations, and later professed that they feared for their lives.

If it wasn’t for the heroics of people like Eugene Goodman, a police officer who drew the angry mob’s attention away from an entrance to the Senate, the insurrection could have led to even more bloodshed and lives lost.

Trump’s role in this attempted coup should not be understated. He not only repeatedly spread lies about the outcome of the election, he also promoted the January 6th march to the Capitol.

According to reports, he did not immediately call in the National Guard when the rioters smashed windows, overwhelmed unprepared security officers and invaded the offices of our nation’s leaders.

When Trump finally released a video calling on the insurrectionists to go home, he told them he loved them and that they were “very special,” as if they needed to be coddled.

Trump’s actions even put his own vice president, Mike Pence, in danger. According to many reports, the rioters were seeking out Pence after he refused to subvert the will of the voters.

While Pence may not invoke the 25th Amendment to oust the dangerous sitting president, it’s on every person in Congress to ensure that Trump’s actions have consequences.

Though January 20 is fast approaching, the House should impeach Trump once again, and the Senate should remove him from office. It’s time to show that an attempted coup will never be accepted again.
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