Why the hate?
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Dear Editor,

I am bothered by the number of my fellow Americans who have expressed vitriol and hatred for President Donald Trump, who after two years of exhaustive expensive investigations was found innocent.

In light of his success in growing our economy and lowering unemployment to historic lows, you would expect expressions of gratitude and relief. But instead the Democrats have extended and intensified their inquiries and are now preparing for impeachment.

They are consumed with hatred and are angry he was not found guilty.

For years the Democratic media cabal has been perpetrating a Russian-Republican collusion hoax all the while ignoring the Democratic National Committee's connection to the Steele Dossier, which confirms actual collusion.

The media also showed no interest in China's $1.5 billion investment in then-vice president Joe Biden's son's startup in an industry in which he had no experience.

The Democrats are accusing the president of doing what Joe Biden as vice president proudly boasted and admitted: meddling in Ukranian government affairs on behalf of his son.

The extreme loathing and hatred for the president cannot be assuaged because he committed the high crime and misdemeanor of winning an election that belonged to Hillary Clinton.


Ed Konecnik


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