Tell the truth
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Dear Editor,

For those disenfranchised and left behind by both political parties over two decades, Donald Trump provided the hope to level the playground. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats had no attraction, as their promise was to continue the status quo to.

Hillary and her staffers rejected what their eyes told them when viewing the fervent Trump supporters. Those voters were as alien as Trump and his rampaging messages of hate and destruction. Rather than questioning the reasons for Trump’s support, they were classified as “deplorable.”

The Democrats and those truly sick of Trump may be expecting a “blue wave” in November. Their hopes may not be realized in the absence of a message to the disaffected that they deserve the right to regain power.

The Democrats cannot depend upon anti-Trump voters to turn Congress. Theirs must be a local and national platform that makes realistic and comprehensible promises for which they must be measured and held accountable.

Just stating Dems have a “large tent” is not going to work. Neither is attacking the wealthy who have been enriched by Trump and the Republicans. The Democrats must state as Winston Churchill “to tell the truth.”

Many in our nation have been left behind by politicians pandering to special interest groups. Technology has destroyed blue-collar jobs and they will not return.

To the devastated Rust Belt and poorly educated among us, realistic federal programs must be created, funded and run long term to lift low-skill workers into the 21st century.

Tell the truth, state it will be hard and costly, and forgo playing to select interest groups that may be relied upon for votes, but cannot alter the future for those who found Trump a false prophet.


Ed Horn


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